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Acronis World Backup Day Offer

Acronis World Backup Day

Acronis is getting in on the World Backup Day deals this year with a very good offer for their True Image 2014 product and 250GB of free cloud storage. True Image offers something most cloud backup services do not, image backup. Image backup offers users the ability to restore their computer system to the exact same state as it was at that point in time. It does not include just your files but your entire hard drive, your operating system and all your files allowing you to restore your computer to the exact same state.


True Image 2014 also offers incremental backups so once your first full backup is done only the changed files will be added to the backup. You also get version and the ability to go back in time to restore your computer system as it was at any point in time from when you first started backing up. Acronsi True Image also allows you to use a personal key encryption to secure your cloud backup so no one will be able to read or access your data.

Acronis True Image is an excellent product and if you want more than just your files backed up but want image backup this is an excellent chance to get True Image 2014 for only $49.99 and a free year of 250GB of cloud storage.

Click here to get True Image 2014 with 250GB cloud storage!

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