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AVG LiveKive to be Discontinued

AVG LiveKive to be discontinued

Well looks like AVG has decided to pull the plug on AVG LiveKive. Got the email this morning and I cannot say I am surprised. The email does not give any reasons why they are closing down but considering how competitive cloud backup is I am not surprised. I can understand why anti virus companies want to get into the cloud backup and storage space, since it looks like it would be an easy value added option for them to make money and provide an extra service to their users. Unfortunately, cloud backup and storage is not as easy as it sounds and users have high expectations.


If you are an AVG LiveKive you will not be able to upload any new files after April 2014 and by August 2014 all your files will be deleted. This gives you six months to find a new service and start protecting your files. Perhaps some services will tempt you with a discount to lure you over. If I hear of any I will be sure to post them.

It will be interesting to see if AVG comes back with another service in the future or if they have left cloud backup for good. Personally I would be happy if they stopped trying to take over my browser with their safe search home page all the time.

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