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Best Online Backup

Everyone has different needs for their online backup service. If you are having trouble deciding what online backup service to use here are the best online backup services in different categories.

Overall Top 10 Online Backup Services

These ten services are the top choices when it comes to cloud backup for 2017.

  1. BackblazeRead our review
  2. CrashPlanRead our review
  3. CarboniteRead our review
  4. IDriveRead our review
  5. SOS Online BackupRead our review
  6. SpiderOakRead our review
  7. AcronisRead our review
  8. SugarSyncRead our review
  9. ElephantDriveRead our review
  10. ZoolzRead our review

Cross Platform Windows/Mac/Linux

If you have several computers running different operating systems and want to backup all of them with the same account take a look at these services. All offer clients that run on multiple computers and operating systems.

  1. SpiderOak
  2. CrashPlan
  3. AltDrive
  4. CloudBackup
  5. Memopal

Easiest to Use

Online backup needs to be easy to use and some services stand out with how easy they are to use and simply just work making sure your backup gets done. These are the services that are the easiest to use and setup to just get your backup done.

  1. Backblaze
  2. Carbonite
  3. CrashPlan
  4. Mozy
  5. SugarSync
  6. SpiderOak

Power Users

Power users want to control more about their online backup. They want to select specific folders and files to make sure they are backed up, backup to local drives, to network drives. Some of the services overlap with being easiest to use, simply because they offer both an easy to use settings and power settings. These are the services that users more control over their backup.

  1. CrashPlan
  2. SpiderOak
  3. SOS Online Backup
  4. IDrive
  5. AltDrive

File Syncing and/or File Sharing

Several online backup services also offer file synchronization and file sharing options. If you need these features here are my top choices.

  1. Dropbox – Please note: Dropbox is not speciffically designed as a backup solution but it is a great online storage/syncing/file sharing solution.
  2. SugarSync
  3. SpiderOak
  4. OpenDrive
  5. Bitcasa

Multiple Computer Backup Unlimited Storage

Many people have multiple computers that they want to backup. If you don’t want to worry about storage space it is easiest to just use an service that offers unlimited storage. You can read more about this on the post multiple computer backup price comparison. Please note the order I have here is different. That post is a price comparison but price does not tell the whole story.

  1. CrashPlan
  2. Backblaze
  3. Carbonite
  4. Zoolz
  5. AltDrive
  6. SOS Online Backup

Multiple Computer Backup Limited Storage

Similar to the category about but services that have limits on the amount of storage you have in your account.See the post multiple computer backup price comparison for more information. Again, note the order I have here is different. That post is a price comparison but price does not tell the whole story.

  1. SpiderOak
  2. ElephantDrive
  3. IDrive
  4. Mozy


It makes sense for online backup services to encrypt your data before transmitting it over the Internet. Some online backup services allow you to create your own encryption key making it impossible for them to view any of your data. If you want more control over your files encryption then these services are your top choices.

  1. SpiderOak
  2. CrashPlan
  3. SOS Online Backup
  4. Backblaze
  5. IDrive

Backup to Amazon S3

There are several good backup systems that use Amazon S3 to store your data. If you already have an Amazon S3 account, or you simply prefer to use it here are the top picks for backing up to Amazon S3.

  1. CloudBerry
  2. Zoolz (Uses Amazon Glacier)
  3. Jungle Disk
  4. CloudBackup

Mapped Drive

If you want to backup your mapped drive there are several services that allow you to backup a mapped drive. Check out our post on this category for more information.

  1. SpiderOak
  2. IDrive
  3. SOS Online Backup
  4. Zoolz
  5. Memopal
  6. Livedrive

Online Backup Services for Windows Server

If you are looking for an online backup service that supports Windows server take a look at this Windows server comparison page. It lists all the services and whether they support Windows server and what version. I have not picked the best services for this category simply because I have no way of actually testing the services on Windows server.

I will add more categories in the future, but this will give you a good start to help you select the online backup service that will fit your needs. If you are not sure what online backup service would best fit your needs feel free to drop me a note on Twitter @CloudStorageBuz with what you are looking for or use the contact form below. Make sure to include what operating system you are using, how many computers you want to backup and any other features you are looking for.

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18 Responses to Best Online Backup

  1. Giles Gaffney says:

    I’ve been thoroughly testing a few of these unlimited backup solutions:
    SOS – almost uploaded 0.5TB without barely beginning the 15 day trial – and without any throttling. There is no complications with the software/interface whatsoever, whereas other services feature over-complicated settings and seem suspect. SOS almost seems too good to be true. Only time will tell. Restore is only by web interface, but I would only plan to use it to restore files as and when I need them should the source be unavailable.

    Crashplan – started off fast then began throttling down to 2 mbps then 1.5 mbps (see main review on Following that Crashplan began frequently disconnecting from their server (Crashplan Central). No wonder this has an associated grey/green icon – since it’s obviously set to disconnect aggressive uploaders by design. I’ve since uninstalled it.

    Backblaze – Seems to backup files I did not request to be backed up (how to remove?). It uploads files in multiple threads like “part 4 of xxx file uploading” even though it’s set to only 1 thread in the settings. My backup here already looks a complete mess. The speedtest results in 20 mbps, but the actual upload speed is throttled to about 3.3 mbps (to begin with at least). I do not feel I have control over the files to be backed up/restored. Besides that most people are most likely already aware of the external HD + deleted files 30 day limit, and having to connect HDs regularly?

    It was either on Backblaze or Crashplan that the speed dial is blue/green for good/excellent speeds – yet the speed/dial is only considered bad (in the red range) if less than 0.2 mbps – perhaps a warning for the kind of speed you’ll likely get in the future by the time you’ve backed up 1TB – and well into your subscription?

  2. Susan Bulla says:

    Thank you very much, Dheeraj. I’ll take a look at Pogoland Team. I’m too “old school” to be very comfortable with the idea that “my stuff” is only available “out there.” I’ll always want solutions that replicate what I have locally.

    I appreciate your weighing in on the topic!

  3. Susan Bulla says:

    Hi, John. We’re a small, non-tech savvy company. We don’t have a server and we work remotely a lot. Currently we’re using MozyPro for backing up all of our PC devices. We also are using Nomadesk for file syncing/sharing. I don’t see any reference to Nomadesk on your site, but it has worked well for us. I don’t know how it compares cost-wise for comparably-featured services. Would appreciate your comments re Nomadesk.

    • Hi Susan,
      John has actually moved on from running the site. To many other things going on. My name is Lee. I have heard of Nomadesk, but never really looked that closely at it. It certainly looks like a lot like Mozy Stash. Since you are already using MozyPro you might be able to just add on Stash and take out Nomadesk. Stash is free and you are already paying for MozyPro. Just a thought. Nomadesk does not give any prices on their site but I will take a look more at in a week or so. I have a few other reviews to write up first. Thanks for stopping by.

      • Susan Bulla says:

        Thanks for the reply. Thank you for stepping in to maintain this great service. One feature I like about Nomadesk is the ability to email a secure file link to anyone. Don’t know if Dropbox, Stash, or Backblaze or others have that feature.

        I’ll be eagerly looking forward to your assessment of Nomadesk.

        • Dheeraj says:

          I have two recommendations for you:

          Nomadesk is a decent application. I assume you’re using 10$/user option with Nomadesk?

          The only problem with Nomadesk is – it is just syncing and almost nothing else. I’ve extensively used Nomadesk and I refer to Nomadesk as it was in about September last year.

          It is purely a syncing+sharing service. It stores whatever you put inside the Nomadesk drive. – It doesn’t provide storage.

          I suggest you check Pogoplug Team which gives more features that what Nomadesk gives. It not only allows syncing folders and sending files but also gives you Unlimited Storage – You can keep things off the hard disk and never need extra storage space in the form of CDs DVDs or External drives etc.

          That too for half the price – 5$/user/month. The mobile applications are better than the ones of Nomadesk. So that’s Pogoplug Team unlimited cloud storage.

        • Dheeraj says:

          I honestly think Mozy Pro is a rip off. It charges about 10$/month/computer for only 10 GB, right?

          The next cheapest plan is for 50 GB which is 20$/month/computer.

          I have a cheaper alternative for you:
          Crashplan Pro is about 7.5$/month/computer for UNLIMITED storage!

    • Dheeraj says:

      I’ve suggested two alternatives below – one for Nomadesk and the other alternative for Mozy Pro.

      But I have another alternative for you which can replace both of them at once – OpenDrive business.

      For 30$/month + 5$/month/user [not per computer] it gives you both backup AS well as unlimited storage, sharing and sync. I advise you to check this out as well.

      • Dheeraj,
        A couple things. First your comments are not always publishing for various reasons. It would help if you tried to combine all the comments in one comment. Thanks.

        Second, while you seem very pleased with OpenDrive there are several comments on the review that suggest they have problems.

        While this is not directly related to their online backup service, they have been very slow to respond (or not at all) to emails, even after they initiated contact with John and myself.

        • Dheeraj says:

          I know the reasions.. I’m sorry, I just wanted my comment to be published quickly.

          Oh is it? I didn’t know that.. Especially because its not that popular. I’m just pleased with services that offer unlimited storage (if you can see above).

          I didn’t see that – yes it lacks file versioning and a client of its own (Windows Explorer).

          Its just services aiming to provide Unlimited Everything like Bitcasa are rare; I just feel, as heavy users, we shouldn’t be the ones to manage the amount of data we upload of backup. That’s why I’ve repeatedly talked about unlimited storage and unlimited backup services a lot here.

  4. AB says:

    – list in Unlimited Online Backup all providers – rather rare case today
    – add online archive category – not literally backup, but many people (especially media enthusiasts and professionals) are looking for complex solution – online backup and archiving

  5. Matt Horner says:

    To test on windows server I would just download the 180’day trial direct from Microsoft.

    If you don’t want to reinstall your os install it on a vm like vmplayer to test.

    Good review

  6. ounelly70 says:

    Any comparison as to which services offer the best WHS support or any other flavor of server?

  7. Jane Bennett says:

    Thanks for your reviews – they are very useful and have the flavour of integrity and a ‘real person’ vs, as you say, who pays their agents the most commission. I’ve trawled through a few review sites – yours is a standout.

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