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Bitcasa Alternatives

There is no love for Bitcasa out there anymore and users are now appearing to be leaving in droves. Browsing through the Bitcasa forums or doing a search on Twitter will turn up a torrent of colourful tweets directed at them. Some of my favourites:


There is even a post on Reddit about a possible class action lawsuit. I am no lawyer so I don’t know if there is any chance of that moving forward, but if it does it needs to happen fast if users want to stop Bitcasa from deleting their data.

The reality is that Bitcasa wants these users to go. Bitcasa more and more has become focused on the business to business side of cloud storage with deals like Samsung and many others. Losing the consumer side of their business is probably one of their long term goals.

Perhaps the biggest problem most users of Bitcasa are now facing is how to get their data back before the deadline of November 16th comes and their data is deleted. Many of these users believed Bitcasa and used the service as their cloud hard drive. Their only copies of many of the files are only on Bitcasa. Transferring large amounts of data out of Bitcasa seems to have slowed their network and many users are complaining on the forum they simply don’t have enough time to get their data back.

Bitcasa Alternatives

For those users that still want their data in the cloud there are some alternatives to Bitcasa but be prepared for a price increase and the reality you might have to trim down what you store in the cloud.

For those users that use Plex, and this seems to be one of the more popular uses of Bitcasa, Plex actually has a list of support cloud storage services it works with. Since Bitcasa is no longer an option the remaining cloud storage services that work with Plex are:

If you used Bitcasa mainly as a backup service and still have your data on your computer you are in a much better position than those unfortunate users who have tons of data in Bitcasa and no local copies. While the unlimited cloud backup services might not have all of the features as Bitcasa there are some very good options for you to protect your data in the cloud again. Your best options are probably still:

If you used Bitcasa as your hard drive in the cloud it could be hard to find a replacement. They are one of the few services that offered that unique type of service. Many people mention OpenDrive as a possibility and they might work for some. Some people have found ways of using Google Drive in a similar manner but I have not tried it. If you find a service that does offer that unique blend of hard drive in the cloud be sure to leave a comment so we can all check them out.

Update Nov 24, 2014: I recently came across some software called ExpanDrive that lets you mount cloud storage as a hard drive without syncing. This is similar to what Bitcasa did, except in this case it looks like it actually works. The software runs on Windows and Mac and uses your own cloud storage from a number of providers including: Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, OpenStack, RackSpace Cloud Files, ownCloud, Copy, hubiC, DreamObjects, HP Helion, Amazon S3, SFTP, and WebDav.

Here is a video of ExpanDrive in action.

Bitcasa iOS App Missing

App Store App Missing

On an unrelated note, it appears that the Bitcasa iOS app is currently missing from the Apple App store. Not sure if the reason for the disappearance of the app but it is something else to be aware of. I tweeted Bitcasa but considering they are ignoring all the other tweets about them I don’t expect to hear back.

Want to know more about Bitcasa? Read our complete Bitcasa review for more information.

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13 Responses to Bitcasa Alternatives

  1. Mark R says:

    I’m curious what you think of Transporter ( At this point, I am getting tired of shuffling my data from one cloud service to another and would rather take control of it once and for all. This seems like a pretty solid candidate.


    • I like the idea of Transporter, but I have not tried one personally. It would not be much different than setting up your own OwnCloud. The problem I would have is it uses your home Internet connection, and in my case that is not a very fast upload, so access from another location would be slow.

      You would also still want a backup in another location in case of theft, fire, flood etc so having the Transporter backed up to another service would work or having it off site. A NAS with CrashPlan on it sounds better all the time.

  2. Robert Rael says:

    Nobody seems to mention Zoolz. Has me worried that it’s not that good? I use it primarily for my irreplaceable photography files. I like to have a copy on my main harddrive and at least one other copy somewhere else. Zoolz is “cold storage” so if I ever need to restore my files, I need to give them 3-5 hours notice, but in my situation that is perfect! Plus, with zoolz I am able to preview the files stored via their Web site, including RAW images. I used to burn DVDs, but man that is a time consuming process and seems to have a decent failure rate. Bitcasa was so perfect, transfer speeds were great. I agree, that if I am going to pay someone $10 a month for 1TB of data it’s going to be Google Drive, a company I can trust. I felt something was coming with Bitcasa, but never ever expected they would give us so little time to move off of their service and charge 1000% more for it.

    With Google Drive I am finding that downloading a zip file of my files is an added step, but hopefully with those links someone mentioned, I can make it a drive letter on my system.

    • I have used Zoolz. It is ok but the cold storage is no comparison to Bitcasa. Zoolz instant storage would be a comparison but it is expensive compared to Google Drive for example. For backup Zoolz would be ok, but I would use a private encryption key.

  3. Dheeraj says:

    Using applications like ExpanDrive or NetDrive, Google Drive can be made to act like an online harddrive. Just like Bitcasa.

    Google Drive for Work gives unlimited storage at 50$/month for 5 users.

  4. FanBoy says:

    Hello, i think that is a good bitcasa alternative :) test it

  5. Yurek1964 says:


    I’m sorry for my poor English.

    I’m looking for a service, that will keep my data forever (forever, as long as I pay a subscription), even when I erase it from my hard drive (something like archive storage).

    I follow the news about online storage services and two things concerns me the most – changing the rules (few years ago Mozy stoped unlimited plan, now Bitcasa)
    and prices (again Bitcasa).

    I try few services and in my opinion worth a try are:

    and maybe

    I would like to know what the Cloud Storage Buzz Team thinks about this (if it is possible).


    I’m agree with Your opinion about Bitcasa.
    You used strong words, but in my opinion those words are still too soft…


    • I am pretty busy this week. Bitcasa was unique in the sense you could upload your data and not keep local copies (part of the problem many are now facing) but I don’t think any of the services are an exact replacement, but I also think people should always keep a local copy of their files.

    • Dheeraj says:

      I think Google Drive for Work sounds good for your use scenario (look at my comment below).

      Since it’s Google, I reckon it would be pretty reliable.

      Jottacloud says “we would define storage consumption over 10 TB as excessive and beyond the scope of normal usage.”

      SOS Online Backup will not delete files when deleted from the hard drive, but so won’t services like Crashplan, Zoolz etc (Unlimited backup with infinite retention)… however, these services are backup services and not cloud storage services. Downloading files backup is more of ‘recovering’ than ‘downloading’.

      • Yurek1964 says:

        Hallo, I didn’t know about Jottacloud limitation.
        I have tested several online file storages.
        As I mentined before, I’m looking for unlimited file storage.
        It is true that SOS Online Backup is backup service and not cloud storage service.
        Zoolz is OK, but is something wrong with them desktop client, download – upload speed is “blocked” always on the same level (slow). I live in Europe, maybe in America is better.
        Mentioned here Hubic is not bad at all, but is not unlimited.
        I have used OpenDrive free plan, but there is many limitations, perhaps Unlimited Plan works better.
        I wouldn’t recommend Pogoplug.
        Since thay started the service, the price is very low and it’s the time to rise the price… (that is my guess)
        Google Drive for Work is very good, but is not cheap.
        So, I don’t know, if exist good, not expensive, unlimited online long time file storage.
        Maybe You can give me some ideas, suggestions.
        I’ll be very grateful.
        Once again I’m sorry for my poor English.

        • I hate to say it but realistically you will not find unlimited file storage and if you do it will cost a fortune like Bitcasa is trying to charge you. You can find some decent deals, like Google Drive, perhaps even OneDrive if you have a Office365 account but I know of NO ONE offering what Bitcasa was offering.

          Unlimited backup is easier to find because the instant access is not needed, but as soon as you need instant access unlimited storage is at a decent price with no limits is next, if not, impossible.

          If you find something come back and let us know I am sure we would all be interested in hearing about it.

  6. Remus110 says:

    Yes … i am one of loosers who paid bitcasa and help growing and now i see myself with a serious kick in my balls from bitcasa. Basicly i have 2 choises … pay 99 usd / month for 10 Tb and save my data or loosing my files. I do some math … at actual download speed and with my free time to take data back i will need 6 months to take back all that i have. Ok except the fact that first of all i will need the free space on my pc. I was send an e-mail to bitcasa. The answer was stunning for me. They claim that i am on 0.5 % bitcasa users who use over 1 Tb of space. In my opinion 1 Tb from infinite is less than 0% … so … I replyed to bitcasa with an e-mail recived from them when i first created my account when i asked clearly exactly about that … how much mean infinite. I was said clearly i will need between 1.5 and 2 Tb … answer was no problem is all ok with us. And now … Anyway i was wished bitcasa 0 customers, bankrupt, and another same kind wishes. It seems for me is there no viable alternative for bitcasa. So far i was found pogoplug and opendrive but they are not even closed … My problem is the speed. Neither bitcasa for me it was not the ideal for speed but al least i was uploaded with around 500 kb/sec and downloaded with around 400 – 600 Kb/sec. Other US services have 250 kb/sec and that is a bad joke in my opinion. Unfortunetly is there no eu server affordable for me. And to pay 10 usd for 1 tb at bitcasa is a bad deal for me … i better pay to google and at least they have speed !!!
    I think i will stay with pogoplug … at least is cheap.
    F**k bitcasa … you s**k

    • It is unfortunate that Bitcasa has decided to do this. It is clear they are shifting to the b2b space and don’t care about customers. Perhaps if Bitcasa customers complained to the Bitcasa partners like Samsung about the bad business practices Bitcasa might take some notice. Course how do you get Samsung etc to hear?

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