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Bitcasa – Your Online Hard Drive

If Dropbox was your cloud based USB drive, Bitcasa wants to be your cloud based hard drive. Bitcasa was founded in 2011 by former employees of Mastercard, VeriSign and Mozy and looks like it will be available for most operating systems and mobile platforms. Hopefully that will include Windows, Mac and Linux.

The service is promising to bring infinite storage to a persons desktop. Unlike other cloud based storage and backup services though it appears that Bitcasa integrates deeper into your computer than Dropbox or a online backup service. It becomes your hard drive. According to the TechCrunch post on the service:


The cloud is your hard drive, and your actual hard drive is just the cache.

The Bitcasa website also stresses that all your files are encrypted before transfer and like SpiderOak they cannot see your files. According to the Bitcasa website:

It is actually impossible for Bitcasa to access any of your data for any reason.

It also will feature easy to use sharing because all of your files are in the cloud it is easy to share files, photos etc with others.

Many people are going to wonder if the service syncs your between computers. The nature of the service itself means it does not sync your data between computers. Your data is simply available via the cloud on whatever computer you are using. Syncing is not required.

With all of your files already in the cloud there is no need to actually backup your data to the cloud. I could not find any information of whether they keep versions of files that you could rollback to if you accidentally delete something.

Price right now appears to be only $10.00/month for unlimited storage.

You can read more about the service from:

I am looking forward to actually trying out the service. If you want to have a chance at winning a free lifetime unlimited account signup at the Bitcasa website for a chance to win.

Here is a video from Bitcasa with an overview of the service.

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4 Responses to Bitcasa – Your Online Hard Drive

  1. Jacob says:

    Sounds good on screen but BitCasa infinite simply doesnt work! It is very slow and gets stuck in the middle/crashes. 5 days of installing-uninstalling- rebooting (based on bitcasa customer support) and eventually I had to cancel my membership and ask for refund. 2 weeks of frustration and misery.

    So maybe bitcasa sounds like a good deal, but trying to backup 10TB of info didn’t get me even 1% nearer!

    • Sorry to hear Bitcasa has not worked out. It has been working great for me, but I have not tried to upload 10TB.

      I did some searches and if you are on the best package your ISP offers the information I found said your upload speed could be as high as 12Mbps, which kicks my butt, but to upload 10TB if you actually get 12Mbps according to Google is 81 days. That is the best case scenario. If your upload is not that fast you could be looking at many more months. It would not just be Bitcasa that would take that long but any cloud backup or storage service is going to take a long time.

  2. Mark says:

    Sounds awesome, but there’s still the limitation of my (your) internet connection. I’m not replacing my 250gb hard drive to access it in the cloud with my 2mbit connection..

    • John Tucker says:

      They do have some kind of cache built in so when you are disconnected from the Internet you can still work on your files. Not sure how well that will work since I have not actually tried it yet.

      Will be interesting to see how it works when I do actually get a chance.

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