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Bitcasa Connector

One of the things Bitcasa has been behind on compared to many of the other cloud storage services was the lack of an API. They released an API in late 2013 and more recently released the cloudfs for more developers to take advantage of the Bitcasa cloud storage services.


One of the best things of Bitcasa having and API is it now possible for services like to connect to them to easily move your data between other cloud services and Bitcasa. With the addition of the Bitcasa connector in you can now easily copy your data from other services to Bitcasa or from Bitcasa to other services.

For example you could easily setup to copy your website database and files to Bitcasa regularly so you have a backup copy to restore from in case something bad happens on your live website. Of course Bitcasa is probably hoping that users will use to move to their cloud storage service, but the real potential for this is for disgruntled Bitcasa users to finally leave their service and move their cloud files to other services.

It is unfortunate that did not have this connector sooner so those Bitcasa users that were burned by their huge plan and price changes and the bait and switch on Linux users could have moved their data away from Bitcasa easily.

If you are thinking of moving to Bitcasa there is currently a 15% off coupon available so you can save some money on your initial subscription. Just use the coupon code BITCASA15 when you sign up. Their 1TB plan is only $10/month or $99/year which is still one of the better prices for 1TB of storage and will make it easier to make the switch.

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