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BitTorrent Sync iOS App Released

BitTorrent Sync in the App Store.I read yesterday on several technology news sites that the BitTorrent Sync iOS app was going to be released this week and was looking forward to trying it out. Was able to install it on my iPad Mini today and it is pretty good. It is almost identical to the Android version that has been available in beta and in the Google Play Store for a little while now. It makes it easy to send files from your iOS device to your desktop and other mobile devices. I had no problem sending some music files from my Android over to the iPad. Just like the Android version, the app can also backup you photos from your iOS device and sync other files from your desktop.

With all of the news lately of the NSA spying on everything the BitTorrent Sync app gives you an excellent option to help create your own cloud to keep your data safe and synced between devices. The BitTorrent app is also a great way to add sync to your computers to keep multiple copies of files in sync between devices. A great way to add file sync to BackBlaze, CrashPlan or any of the other cloud backup services that are great backup tools but not offering a sync option yet.


You can download the BitTorrent Sync app from the BitTorrent Labs website and the mobile apps are in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store depending on your device. For an application that is still in beta it is something to keep your eye on.

Here are a few screenshots of me testing out the new BitTorrent iOS app on my iPad Mini.

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