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Why You Need an Off Site Backup!


There was a story this weekend on the CBC Saskatchewan website about a break in at the home of Jeffery Straker, a musician based here in Regina. In the break in the thieves took his Macbook Pro and his backup drive that had 55 new songs he was still working on. It sounds like he has no other copies of those 55 new songs and he is currently offering a reward of $1000.00 in hopes of recovering that priceless work that he might never be able to recreate.

This story is a perfect example of why you need to have an off site copy of your data. It is not enough to have just a backup on an external hard drive sitting there in your house were thieves can walk away with both your computer and your backup at the same time. Using cloud backup such as Backblaze or CrashPlan and many of the other services I have reviewed could have saved Jeffery Straker so much time, stress and money. If he only had a cloud backup of his music files he could easily have started to restore his files and focused on getting back to work instead of having to offer $1000.00 reward for the thief to possibly return his stolen data.

Not only that but if he was using Backblaze, the Locate My Computer feature, might have been able to help the police find the thief. He might then be able to get his hardware and, most importantly, his files back. That could easily have saved him $950.00 and a lot of stress.

It is sad to see such a story of data loss from a talented musician when it could so easily have been prevented.

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