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Backblaze for Business

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  • $50.00/computer/year


  • Unlimited Storage for your business files.
  • Simple pricing structure.
  • Easy to use and setup.
  • Email status reports.
  • External drives are supported.


  • No remote management capabilities.
  • Email only support.
  • No web based management console for status reports.
  • No Windows Server support
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices not supported.
  • Not able to manage a local backup as well as online.

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Full Backblaze for Business Review

Backblaze for Business takes the best parts of Backblaze and makes them available for small business. You get unlimited storage, easy to setup and configure software and peace of mind knowing that your small business data on your employees computers is backed up safe and sound.

Installation of Backblaze across your businesses computers is as easy as installing the appliction on each machine. If you are doing this at the initial deployment of machines it is easy enough to add an extra piece of software to the instaallation list. Each installation requires use of an email address from the same corporate domain. For most businesses this should not be difficult. If your company does not have its own domain and email system you could have a problem using Backblaze for Business.

Once installed all of the computers installed under the same domain are listed for your main company IT team or person to be able to do restores and check on the status of the backups.

Backing Up
One of the things that makes Backblaze so great is its ease of use, They simply backup everything so people don’t accidentally forget to select and important folder. The exceptions to everything are the operation system files, …. and network attached storage. Files located on External hard drives should be included in the backup.

Backblaze version 2 removed some of the restrictions that were present like the 4GB file restriction. While you can backup files of any size now, Backblaze does default to the 4GB file limit so it is important to go into the Backblaze settings and set it to unlimited.

Restoring Files
Files can be restored either by the account holder or by through the corporate IT personel. If the employee simply needs to restore a file they deleted by accident they can do that. If the whole computer has been destroyed in some freak accident IT can restore the lost files from another computer.

Remote Management
This is lacking with Backblaze for Business and is one of the biggest areas for growth in the Backblaze for Business service. If you have ten computers and need to make a change in how Backblaze is backing up you will have to go to each computer and make the change. There is no way to make the change in a central management location and have the changes pushed out to the backup clients.

Reporting is also done through a spreadsheet that is emailed to the account administrator. While the information the spreadsheet contains will help the administrator know if there is a problem with a backup from any of the computers under the account it would be nice to have this all on a central control panel.

Sample spreadsheet report:

If you are a business owner and need help it is hard to wait for email support. Unfortunately that is the only support currently available for Backblaze for Business.

Backblaze for Business fills a need for small business backup by being easy to install and use. It gives businesses a set price for backup per machine and takes the worry about running out of storage out of the way. Support and remote management ability are issues that Backblaze for Business need to address, exspecially if they company has hundreds or thousands of computers to protect.

Backblaze for Business is perfect for those small offices with 5 to 20 computers that need to have files kept safe and sound that do not run on any Windows Server software.

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Backblaze for Business Customer Testimonial

This customer testimonial was provided by Backblaze for this review. I have embedded it below using Google Docs for your reading.

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