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KineticD Review

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  • $0.50/GB/month plus license fee of $3.95/month for PC or Mac and $6.95/month for a server.
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  • Unlimited users and computers on one account.
  • 14 day unlimited free trial.
  • Only pay for the space you use.
  • Windows and Mac supported. Support for Windows Server.
  • Excellent option for business use.


  • Does not support Linux.
  • No unlimited storage options
  • Costly for large amounts of data.

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KineticD Full Review

KineticD, formerly Data Deposit Box, is not the usual consumer online backup service that we usually review and talk about here at Online Backup KineticD is no stranger to online backup and have been in business since 2003. Considering some online backup services start and end in less than a year KineticD has been around a long time. This is certainly a plus since you know they will be around to keep your data safe.

KineticD has many of the features one expects from an online backup service. All data is compressed and encrypted using Blowfish encryption before being transmitted over the Internet to their servers. File versioning is configurable and you can set it from anywhere from 28 days to years. Unlike many competitors, KineticD backups are not scheduled, they are continuous. As you work on your computer throughout the day KineticD monitors changes and backs files continuously.

With the majority of online backup services you subscribe and have a set amount of storage space available for backing up your data. KineticD takes a slightly different approach. Their pricing plan is a simple $0.50/GB/month plus a license fee of $3.95/month for PC or Mac and $6.95/month for a server. This allows you to have as many users and computers on an account as you like. You pay for the amount of space you use. This is great for businesses of all sizes and for families with multiple computers and users. If you are a typical user that has roughly 10GB of data to backup you will be paying $8.95/month. If you want to backup your entire music and movie collection along with all of your family photos your backup size could easily grow to 400GB. That will grow your monthly backup cost to $200.00+/month, slightly out of reach of most consumers.

Installation of KineticD is fairly straight forward if you have installed software on your computer. KineticD is still rebranding from being Data Deposit Box and there are traces of Data Deposit Box all through the setup and use of the software. I am sure in time they will eventually remove that and replace it with KineticD. Nothing to be alarmed about though as you install and use the software.

Once the software is install backing up is straight forward. Simply select to folders you wold like to include in your backup. With most online backup software it only makes sense to backup your data folders and exclude your program and system files. However it is possible to select your system and program file folders to include in backup if you so desire.

Restoring a file from the desktop is as simple as right clicking on the KineticD icon on the status bar and selecting the file that you would like to restore. You also have the option of logging in through the KineticD website and doing a web restore. This is very useful if you happen to be away from your main computer and need access to a file or if your computer has died and you want to download your data to restore on a new computer.

Overall KineticD is a solid online backup solution, but it is definately suited more for a business environment than the home consumer. The cost per GB for business class online backup can be slightly lower than competeing services and the unlimited users and computers makes KineticD stand out from the other services offering business class online backup.

Start Backing up with KineticD Online Backup

Start Backing up with KineticD Online Backup

3 Responses to KineticD Review

  1. Rick says:

    I’ve been using KineticD when it was Data Deposit Box and have found it to be a very good application. However, recently their application is malfunctioning. They put the blame on AV Software, causing the backup application to malfunction. The problem is that some files/folders are not being backed up – sometimes it’s random and other times its always the same path.
    They are currently trying to resolve the problem.
    In attemoting to narrow down the problem, I uninstall my AV program completely, and KineticD still did not back up the selected folders reporting back that the backup was complete.

  2. AB says:

    – Please correct the pricing information for KineticD.
    Pay only $0.50 USD per GB per month for what you use + nominal license fee:
    PC/Mac: $3.95 per month
    Server (1): $6.95 per month

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