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Carbonite Currents


The release of Currents by Carbonite seemed to get lost in all the noise of the launch of Kim Dotcom’s new Mega online storage service this last week. That is unfortunate because Currents from Carbonite is an interesting addition to the Carbonite feature list.


currents-screenshotWhile many people will tell you that Currents is Carbonite’s way of competing with Dropbox or Mozy Stash, and in some ways it is but at the same time it is different currents. It does not sync files between computers that are just in one defined folder, it search for your most recent documents and gives you access to them on all your devices that you have Currents installed on.

Currents searches through your documents and syncs up to 30 days worth of documents, photos or what you tell it to sync. These files are then able to be edited on the other devices and Currents keeps track of changes and syncs the files back to the other devices. You can also view version history of each files, share files with others to collaborate or view as well as leaving comments about files.

carbonite-labsI can see business users really liking Currents for several reasons. The first being it is automatic, it does not rely on you saving or copying stuff to a special folder. The second is the versions and comments that collaborators can leave with files. Currents would be useful for teams that

That being said Currents will not be for everyone, but it could certainly fill a need for some. Plus it is a great additional feature for business users and those that work on multiple devices and places but where Dropbox and other services like it are not appropriate.

The video describing Currents is pretty good at describing what it does. Take a few minutes to watch it or head on over to the Carbonite Labs to try Currents out.

What do you think, would you or your business use Carbonite Currents?

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2 Responses to Carbonite Currents

  1. Dheeraj says:

    What “Currents searches through your documents and syncs up to 30 days worth of documents, photos or what you tell it to sync.” exactly mean is this:

    It sync only files which you’ve accessed or edited in the last 30 days. All other files which you haven’t been using in the last 30 days will not be synced.

    But pretty good deal (since it is actually using online storage).

    • Correct, it looks for files that have been accessed or changed in the last 30 days. When it comes out of beta it looks like there will be an option to have more files sync. I only tried it for a few days and I can see some people really liking this service. It would be convenient to just have the files you work on lately be available and not worry about saving things in a special folder.

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