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Carbonite Mobile App
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Carbonite Mobile App

Update: I have been using the new app for just over a week and posted a review here.

Carbonite has had a mobile app for a while to allow people to access their backed up files from your computer. Their latest update though brings a whole new level to their mobile app and features that other apps from Mozy, Dropbox, SugarSync and SOS Online Backup also offer. There are also some new features that you usually see in other mobile security apps.


The best part of the new app is that it is free! You can use the app to backup your photos and video from your mobile to keep the most precious information that you create on your phone safe. Those photos of your kids of those special moments that just happen. Those videos you take when you forgot your HD video camera and all you have is your phone.

Not only that but you can rest easy if you lose your phone or have it stolen. The new Carbonite mobile app has a new locate my phone feature. Similar to the Backblaze locate my computer feature that will help you find your device. The app also offers some features that my favorite locate my phone app, Where’s My Droid, offers like remote ringing, locking and remotely wiping of your device.

I have been using the app for a few days already and will have a full review of this great new addition to Carbonite soon. If you have already been using the new Carbonite app what do you think of it?

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