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2013 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Coupons Preview!


Black Friday is officially Friday, November 29 this year and while it is mainly a US holiday the cloud backup and storage services are not limited to just US customers so this can be a great opportunity to save on a cloud backup or storage solution. These are the companies I have already heard about offering Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts as well as the companies that I expect to hear about offering discounts.


Black Friday / Cyber Monday Coupons I Have Heard About

Update: I have heard from Backblaze and I will have an amazing deal for you for Black Friday / Cyber Monday. This is only going to be offered from November 29th to December 2nd. I will have all the details live on November 29th so be sure to come back and get a great deal on Backblaze. You will not be disappointed.

Zoolz – While it might not officially be a Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal I already have a 25% discount code for Zoolz that is good for both home and business version of their Amazon Glacier based service. You can read more on their latest post or click one of the following links to have the discount applied at the checkout.

Mozy – They are going to be offering a 25% promo code this year. The promo code will be good from Thursday, November 28 through Monday, December 2 and you can expect me to post the code as soon as it is valid here on November 28th. Not sure if the code will only be valid for purchases or all of the Mozy websites but UK, Ireland, France and Germany users are welcome to give it a try you might get lucky and save 25% as well. Look for that post about Mozy on November 28th.

SpiderOak – Their latest promotion is not just for Black Friday / Cyber Monday but also to help celebrate what they are calling “No-Knowledge November: Just Say ‘NO’ to Knowing!”. With all of the leaks about the US Government spying on, well pretty much everyone, SpiderOak stands out as one of several services that defaults to using a private encryption key. The promotion starts on November 18th and will run until the end of the month, all SpiderOak plans will be 30% off. I will post more on November 18th as soon as I have the promo code. Never seen such a great discount from SpiderOak before. Great opportunity to get a very secure service at a discount.

SugarSync – I don’t know a great deal about this promotion yet. I expect to hear more details on November 25th, but I have heard it is a BIG discount for SugarSync. The biggest they have ever offered.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Coupons I Expect to Hear About

Backblaze – Last year Backblaze had an amazing 40% off Black Friday / Cyber Monday and I expect to hear about a Black Friday / Cyber Monday offer code this year as well. Backblaze does not have offer codes as often as many other services but when they do it can be a great saving from their already low cost. Last year there was also a deal for Backblaze through AppSumo that was 50% off. You might want to keep your eye on them as well for a deal.

Bitcasa – This will be the first Black Friday / Cyber Monday for Bitcasa since they officially launched and while I don’t have any official word on a promo code for them I have a feeling there will be one. Possibly because they are currently running a 10% off promo code and I think they are pretty “with it” as far as promotions go.

CrashPlan – Code42 and CrashPlan had a HUGE sale last year and I expect they will be offering something big again this year. They have not released anything official yet but with their new website design breaking all of the past coupon links, Carbonite removing their data throttling policy to be more competitive with CrashPlan and services like Zoolz and Backblaze being cheaper I think Code42 will want to entice as many new users as they can to CrashPlan. They might even want to offer existing users a deal this year so they don’t jump ship to another service. If you are thinking of signing up with CrashPlan you might want to do it if they offer a promotion this year. I have heard a rumor that their plans and pricing will be changing soon so you might want to lock yourself in to a longer contract with them before the plans change.

If you are looking forward to saving on your favorite cloud storage and backup service this Black Friday / Cyber Monday be sure to check back for the latest posts. I will be tagging all the deals with Black Friday so you can find all the latest offers on the Black Friday archive. The posts should also be available from the Latest Coupons page as well.

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