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Online Backup Companies

I have been working on a list of online backup companies that are available and thought I would make the list available for others to use. If your favourite online backup company is not listed please leave a comment and let me know. As well if there has been a company that has ceased operation let me know so I can update the list.

  1. ADrive
  2. BackBlaze
  3. BackupRight
  4. BackUpSolutions
  5. Carbonite
  6. CloudBerry
  7. Cocku
  8. Concentsus
  9. copycloud
  10. CrashPlan
  11. Data Deposit Box
  12. Datapreserve
  13. Diino
    • Homepage
    • Supports: Windows, Mac, Linux
  14. Dr.Backup
  15. DriveHQ
    • Homepage
    • Supports: Windows. Mac and Linux through FTP.
  16. Egnyte
  17. ElephantDrive
  18. humyo
    • Homepage
    • Blog
    • Supports: Windows, Mac and Linux clients coming 2009.
  19. IBackup
    • Homepage
    • Blog
    • Supports: Windows, Mac, Linux through rsync.
  20. iceBackup
    • Homepage
    • Supports: Windows, Mac, Linux
  21. IDrive
  22. Intronis Technologies Online Backup
  23. iOmega iStorage
  24. Ironmountain
  25. Jungle Disk
  26. Kabooza
  27. KeepIt
  28. Memopal
    • Homepage
    • Supports: Windows, Mac, Linux & IPhone
  29. Mozy
  30. MyOtherDrive
  31. OnlineBackupVault
  32. Orbitfiles
  33. SOS Online Backup
  34. SpiderOak
  35. Steekr
  36. StoragePipe
  37. SugarSync
  38. Symantec Online Backup
  39. Syncplicity
  40. Yuntaa

Updated: September 16, 2011. Removed some dead links.

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  1. This is good listing but also consider as one of the best online backup providers offers best services for online backup.

  2. Storagepipe says:

    Thank you so much for including us on your list!

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