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Small Business Backup

Most of the posts and reviews here at focus on online backup for the home user but there is a huge need for businesses of all sizes to backup their data. While the larger businesses often have their own IT departments and people (like me) whose job it is to make sure files are backed up and data is not lost. For many businesses though they don’t have a dedicated IT staff but they need to make sure they don’t lose their data. Many of the consumer online backup services that I have reviewed here have business or professional versions as well. Of course what service you use to backup your business depends a great deal on what you need to backup, how many employees and computer you have and what kind of systems you use but here are some backup options for your business.


Backblaze for Business – If you have several employees with different laptops and desktops with no dedicated IT staff and you need simple with no fussing around Backblaze for Business is a good choice. Just like the consumer version it is easy to use. Install it and it starts backing up everything. It is also unlimited for business and offers one simple price structure of $50.00/computer/year. One of the few unlimited storage options for businesses.

CrashPlan Pro – Just like the home version, CrashPlan Pro offers lots of options for businesses to backup their data and has a very comprehensive online backup management console. If your business has one person that does manage all your computers CrashPlan Pro could be just what your small business needs to keep your data safe. Pricing for CrashPlan Pro is decent as well starting at $7.49/month/computer for unlimited storage.

Carbonite for Small Business – Unlike the home version of Carbonite, Carbonite for Small Business does not offer unlimited data, but it does feature some nice extras like the ability to backup external hard drives and U.S. based support by phone, email and chat. Pricing starts at $229.00/year for 250GB of space. You can backup as many computers as you like and purchase additional space if you need.

SpiderOak – They don’t care if you are using SpiderOak for personal use or business. No way to add multiple users to an account so all computers would end up sharing the same account but depending on the size of your business that might not be a problem. With the high security that SpiderOak offers they are a great fit for small offices that need to make sure their data is secure. Only email support though so be prepared to wait for responses if you have a problem.

IBackup – IBackup is really IDrive for Business, although it gets confusing if you look at the IDrive website because they list a pricing plan for IDrive for Business. If you are going to use IDrive for Business you should look at the IBackup service.

SugarSync for Business – SugarSync offers a lot of great features for keeping files backed up and synced across computers. The business version also features an administrator dashboard that makes it easy to add new users and track invoices. Plan starts with 100GB of storage and 3 Users for $299.99/year or $29.99/month. You can add more storage and users through the admin dashboard.

SOS Online Backup for Business – The business version of SOS Online Backup offers some great advantages over their home plans. You can backup an unlimited number of computers, multi-destination backup, external hard drive support and network drive support. Add to that email, chat and phone support and you have an excellent business backup solution. All those features come at a price though for a 175GB storage account you are looking at $299.99/year.

MozyPro – Mozy’s business offering is similar to their consumer product, but you do get phone support. This is great if you are having a problem you don’t have to submit a trouble ticket and wait for support to email you back, just call them up and deal with it right away. Pricing for desktops starts at $3.95/month/computer plus $0.50/GB/month. Depending on the amount of data you have to backup MozyPro can be a good solution.

Keepit PRO for Desktops – Offers unlimited storage and no limits on file types or sizes. You can also manage the backup configuration and get custom reports to check on the backup status. All for only $14.95/month/computer.

Memopal for Business – Memopal for business offers business users an account administrator interface so they can create, modify and delete accounts and check on the status of backups. As well you only pay for the amount of storage that you use. Prices start at $48.00/computer/year.

If you are looking for online backup for your small business and want to spend the majority of your time running your business and not managing your computers online backup can save you a lot of time and energy. Not to mention help you get back up and running again quickly when data loss does happen. Ultimately the cost of signing up for one of these services and making sure your data is safe is nothing compared to the cost of losing your important business files.

Over the next little while I will be looking closer at the options for small businesses and writing reviews to help small businesses choose the best online backup solution for them.

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