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CrashPlan 30% Off Gift Coupon

Christmas is a season of giving and CrashPlan has decided to make it easier for existing CrashPlan users to give the gift of cloud backup and save while doing it.


This coupon has been a little harder to track down than they usually are. I started to notice people talking about it on Twitter and then I saw this image below in a tweet. The image was great but there was no link, only the information that you can purchase a gift subscription for as low as $42.

Twitter _ Aljuryyed_ @crashplan offer once-a

It appears like only CrashPlan users were eligible to purchase a gift subscription for others, but I kept my eyes open on Twitter and a few days later I discovered this Tweet below.

Twitter _ omnitechpro_ Get 30 off Crashplan

Thanks to that tweet from OmniTechPro and the link you can click through to the CrashPlan store and select the plan you wish to purchase as a gift for someone else. You can see below in the screenshots where you can end up. I did not actually try to purchase a subscription for anyone since I am no longer a CrashPlan user, so let me know if it works or not in the comments.

This is still a gift subscription purchase and only good for new users to CrashPlan but it might be worth checking out for those of you last minute shoppers. Not sure how long it is good for since the ending dates are different on both tweets so if you want to get a gift subscription for someone better be quick about it.

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