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CrashPlan Slow Part 2


Just over a year ago there is a post talking about how CrashPlan can be slow to upload. While I never had any particular problems with the speed uploading to CrashPlan it is a fairly regular occurrence to see people complaining on Twitter that it is slow. I recently came across a couple posts from the NetworkRockstar blog that might be what you need to help speed up that CrashPlan backup if you seem to be having problems.


The first post is from September 2013 titled “Speeding up CrashPlan Backups”. The short version of the post is he discovered that by turning off the de-duplication feature in the CrashPlan XML configuration files upload speed would improve. There is then a follow up post later in September where you can see the improvement in upload speed after the changes in the XML configuration.

That is all good, except many people are not really interested in digging through XML configuration files, and possible break their setup. That brings us to the most recent post on January 13, 2014 where he has created some scripts for Windows and Linux that will perform the changes to the XML files for you. Makes it easy to make the changes and see if your upload speeds improve.

Now a word of warning this is not an official CrashPlan fix to having slow uploads and there could be many reasons why you are having slow uploads. Proceed at your own risk using his fixes.

There is also another interesting comment on the posts about how to move your backup to a server with faster speeds. It links to a Code42 troubleshooting article. The main idea is you can assign your backup to a new server and hope that the new server has faster speeds. The downside is you have to start your backup all over again. Your existing data cannot be moved from the old server.

If you are having problems with slow upload speeds to CrashPlan these might help you while we all wait to see the new CrashPlan version that hopefully will be out soon.

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