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CrashPlan World Backup Day Promo 2014

CrashPlan World Backup Day Promo

Update: CrashPlan tweeted out a link for 20% off all new plans and gift subscriptions. Looks like it is for new subscribers only.


To save 20% on CrashPlan on World Backup Day click here!

Feel free to read the rest of the post but with the release of a general coupon link from CrashPlan you can easily save 20% instead of hunting for a link. Be sure to activate it when you get to the CrashPlan store or your price might not change.

My website stats tell me people are searching for this years CrashPlan World Backup Day promo, and I will be happy to help you as best I can. This is not an easy task since it looks like CrashPlan has made this years promotion a little more limited than in past years. From what I can tell the promo was emailed to existing subscribers only with the offer to purchase gift subscriptions for friends and family. This is similar to what they did just before Christmas.

There have been some people that have posted their links on Twitter but you might have to do some searching to find a link that works. According to the CrashPlan Twitter account tweets you will need to be a new subscriber to get the deal at the very least.

This promo has created a little bit of a black market since there are a number of people that would like to sign up but need a referral from someone. As you can see in the tweet below.


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