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Cyphertite Version 2.0 Released

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I have been waiting for Cyphertite to release version 2 to give it a a full review. I had heard about Cyphertite a few months ago and gave it a short trial but after chatting with the developers wanted to wait until version 2 for Windows was released before I gave it a more extensive review. Yesterday Conformal Systems, the makers of Cyphertite, announced on the Cyphertite blog that version 2 for Windows was now available.


If you have not heard of Cyphertite I would not be surprised. They seem to be under the radar a little bit, but they could be a bigger deal in 2014 with privacy and encrypted cloud backup being wanted by more people. Some quick features of the service include:

  • Supports Windows, Linux, Unix and you can install from source.
  • Strong encryption built in. Zero-knowledge storage.
  • Offers 8GB free, unlimited for only $10.00/month and business plans at $0.10/GB/month.
  • Created by Conformal Systems with a mailing address in Chicago Illinois.

I made a quick screen cast of installing the new version of Cyphertite and setting up a quick test backup. The new Windows version is considerably better than the earlier version. Moving away from the web based interface was a good decision from a user interface perspective I think. I have not tried the Linux version but when I get around to doing a full review I will include some screenshots and perspective on the Linux version as well.

It is nice to have another Windows and Linux unlimited cloud backup service that is focused on secure and zero-knowledge. Give Cyphertite a try and let me know what you think in comments.

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