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10 Free Cloud Storage Options More Secure than Dropbox

10 Free Cloud Storage Options More Secure than Dropbox


People love Dropbox, it is easy to use to sync, share and keep your data in the cloud. The fact that it offers 2GB of free storage space is great, but Dropbox does some of its magic at the expense of encryption. You can use other products on top of Dropbox to encrypt and secure your data but that does take more time and the majority of people probably won’t look into that. Even the paid version of Dropbox does not offer any improvement on security. If you are looking for free cloud storage there are more secure options available. Here are 10 more secure options that are free for you to take a look at and try out.


Offers 2GB of free cloud storage and backup and you can earn up to 10GB of free storage. SpiderOak has a zero-knowledge privacy standard and using the same private encryption standards in the free version as it does in the paid version. Not only does it offer cloud backup it can also sync and share your data. SpiderOak might not be as easy to use as Dropbox but if you want secure it comes that way be default.

Bitcasa just recently came out of beta and offers 10GB of free cloud storage that you can access from Internet connected device. Bitcasa is different than Dropbox because it does not offer a sync feature any longer, your data is stored in the cloud and accessed from the cloud. I was not certain if Bitcasa used a private encryption key earlier and it is hard to find definitive information but a post on the Bitcasa blog does state “In addition, Bitcasa is fully encrypted client-side, which means that unlike other services, no one else ‚Äî not even our employees ‚Äî can access your data for any reason.”

Mozy Stash
Mozy has always offered a 2GB free account along with the ability to use either their encryption key or a private encryption key. Even using the default Mozy encryption key will keep you data safer than Dropbox. You can use all of the free 2GB for Stash then you can sync files between your devices.

IDrive offers IDriveSync as well as their cloud backup service with 10GB of free space. In February they announced you can use a private encryption key with IDriveSync. 10GB of free secure storage without the need to refer more people is a great reason to try them for your free cloud storage.

Cubby is fairly new from LogMeIn. They offer 5GB to start and with referrals you can get up to 25GB. The service offers sync, public and private sharing and is encrypted. While pretty new it does look promising.

Carbonite Currents
This is new from Carbonite Labs and does not have a file size or storage limit but only syncs the last 30 days of files you have modified or worked on. Your data is encrypted on your device/computer with a 256-bit encryption key, and then sends the encrypted files to Carbonite.

5GB of free cloud storage that you can use for backup, sync files and share. I have heard good things about Wuala and they are on my list for a review.

Whether you like or hate Kim Dotcom, his new service MEGA does offer you 50GB of free cloud storage space that you can use for keeping your files. He has tweeted that official desktop and mobile apps are on the way so you can be unchained from Google Chrome to upload and download. Until then there have been unofficial Android apps released that you can try.

Running your own cloud service on your own private LAN is one way to keep your files secure. It has been awhile since I gave Tonido a try but if you don’t trust others to host your cloud you can run your own at home.

ownCloud offers a lot more than just files sync and sharing, it offers a calendar, contacts and even a RSS Reader. This option requires more work but you get a lot for free you just need to set it up. If you want to host your own cloud storage and sync service for yourself and family and love to tinker ownCloud is for you.

If you do use or continue to use Dropbox there are ways of making it more secure. I have mentioned some of these options before and they do offer another free option to help secure your files.

All this being said, Dropbox is a very convenient service. I have and regularly use my own Dropbox account but you do need to be aware that your files are not 100% secure with them. I try not to put anything sensitive in my Dropbox folder that I would not want the world to see. With other more secure options you can easily have accounts at other services and use them when you need them.

What is your favorite cloud storage service that is similar to Dropbox?






2 responses to “10 Free Cloud Storage Options More Secure than Dropbox”

  1. Jami Avatar

    Thank you for this information. I just realized, because my mac said I was low on hard disk space that everything I save to dropbox was saved in a dropbox folder on my computer. Which seems unnecessary to me if I drag and drop everything into dropbox shouldn’t it just be in dropbox in order to free space on my hard drive? Would it be better to use one of the cloud options? Security is definitely important to me. Thank you.

    1. Cloud Storage Buzz Team Avatar

      That is how the majority of the cloud storage services with sync work. There are some that only store your data in the cloud, Bitcasa comes to mind. That being said when your data is just in the cloud it is slower to access and if your Internet goes down you have no access to your data.

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