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Dropbox Cuts Pro Pricing Add Features

Remote Wipe

I have to hand it to Dropbox, they regularly respond to increased competition by cutting prices for their paid service and by increasing features. There is no doubt that the cloud storage market has been getting cheaper and cheaper for storage. Google only charges $9.99 for 1TB of storage and even Bitcasa also is $10.00/month or $99.00/year. Dropbox was one of the more expensive options for cloud storage compared to some of the others.


While price not matter to some of Dropbox’s customers I am sure new customers were getting harder and harder to come by when they started comparing prices. Dropbox answered those concerns yesterday though by cutting the cost of 1TB of cloud storage with them to $9.99/month, matching the competition, but not only that they added new features to their Pro service that helps to keep Dropbox in the lead.

The new features announced yesterday in Dropbox Pro include:

  • New sharing controls
    • Passwords for shared links.
    • Expirations for shared links.
    • View-only permissions for shared folders.
  • Remote wipe – lets you delete files from a lost or stolen device while keeping the files in Dropbox.

Not only did Dropbox update their plans, but unlike most companies that seem to only increase their prices Dropbox automatically upgrades existing users to the new plan.

Have to hand it to Dropbox they know that they need to treat their customers right.

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