Genie 9 Zoolz Home Raises Prices

Zoolz New Pricing 2014

If you have not noticed Genie 9 the owners of Zoolz have all but eliminated unlimited storage and raised prices significantly. They now have four home plans starting at $14.99/year for 100GB, $49.99/year for 500GB, 1TB for $79.99. The Unlimited plan is now $199.99/year but does support up to five users.


Previously Zoolz Home was one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest, cloud backup storage service starting at only $36.00/year for unlimited storage.

If you currently have an account with Zoolz, I was told your plan is good until it needs to be renewed at which time you will need to choose from one of the new plans.

If you are wondering why I am just posting this now I have been on vacation and resisting the urge to work on pretty much everything.

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One response to “Genie 9 Zoolz Home Raises Prices”

  1. WILLEMIJNS Avatar


    we will see if their old 100GB giweaway is still active for subscribers…

    in all case NEXT! same idea than BITCASA…

    FYI mediafire did the same by decreasing from unlimited to 50 to 10GB in 2/3 years range, we returned at 50GB after 6 months ^^

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