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2014 has seen a number of website redesigns but not a lot of specials yet but Zoolz Home, already the cheapest cloud backup service, has a new discount on a one year plan. You can save a sweet $6.00 on a one year plan bringing your cost per month of Zoolz down from the already low price of $3.00/month to $2.50/month.

To take advantage of this offer you need to click through to the Zoolz Home website, click the prices section and click to Buy Now of the one year subscription. You can then use the discount code ZLZNY14 to save $6.05 on your one year subscription. The offer ends on January 27, 2014 so better hurry to save on your one subscription.


For home users Zoolz Home is an excellent value for cloud storage. Zoolz uses Amazon Glacier for storage to keep the cost low and they have done an incredible job of making affordable packages without all of the headache. You could use Amazon Glacier on your own but the pricing just becomes a headache. Not only do you have to worry about how much it is going to cost to store your data you need pay for how much you restore and transfer. Zoolz takes all of that headache away and makes it one easy cost.

Not only has Zoolz made it easy to use Amazon Glacier at an easy set price they also support the backup of external drives. That is not surprising but unlike some cloud backup services Zoolz will not remove the data you backup from your external drive, even when it is disconnected.

This is great for people that want to store data long term in the cloud but do not necessarily need immediate access to it. I could see this being perfect for photographers that have lots of photos to store.

Zoolz Home does offer a free trial so if you are not sure yet give Zoolz a try and see how you like it. At only $36.00/year regular price it is certainly worth it in my opinion.

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