Zoolz 20% Off Christmas Discount Code

Merry Christmas from Zoolz

Christmas is almost here and Genie9 and Zoolz are offering some last minute Christmas shopping deals. For a limited time you can save 20% off of your Zoolz Home and Zoolz Business subscriptions.


No special link for this discount, you will have to visit the Zoolz Home or Business page and click through to the prices. Once you add a package to your cart you can apply the Zoolz discount code ZLZXMAS13

Remember you will need to type to code into the discount box yourself and refresh your cart to have the discount code applied.

Might be the last chance to get an even better deal on Zoolz Home and Business for a while. Nothing like getting a deal on an already inexpensive long term archiving solution like Zoolz.

I have personally been using Zoolz since October and have been pretty impressed with it. I have had no problem uploading my files to it and I have added a new external hard drive to my system to take advantage of the Hybrid+ backup option as well as the long term storage of Amazon Glacier. I am using Zoolz mainly as an additional backup option. At the amazing low price it is hard to pass up.

Now time to go have some eggnog and enjoy the holidays knowing that my files are safely backed up and safe from all kinds of disasters.

Happy Holidays!

Start Backing up with Zoolz





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