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Zoolz Home Goes Unlimited and Discount Code

Zoolz Home Goes Unlimited and Discount Code


I did a review of Zoolz for Business at the beginning of the summer and I have mentioned their Home product when they had a 100GB account giveaway but this new change to Zoolz Home service makes me want to review their home service as well now. Zoolz Home is now offering unlimited accounts starting as low as $36.00/year for a one year subscription. That works out to only $3.00/month for backup to Zoolz. Most people spend that on a coffee in a day. If you want to subscribe for a longer term they also offer a 2 year and a 5 year subscription for $60.00/2 years and $120.00/5 years.


I just heard about this price change today in an email and I was not sure when this change took place so I went looking through their Twitter feed. It looks like the unlimited home option started in August. I was on holidays, so that explains why I missed that little bit of news. They did release a press release on September 10, 2013 that talks more about their new unlimited offering.


Since I have been slow in getting this news out about the new Zoolz Home unlimited plans I discovered I can offer custom discount codes for Genie9 products including Zoolz so until October 31st, 2013 you can take 10% off of the already low price of Zoolz Home unlimited plans by using the following discount code at checkout. You will need to click through directly to the checkout and enter the code to get the discount.


The code should start working soon after I publish this post. If it is not working let me know in the comments and I will look into it. Update: I did finally get this code to start working. Had to change the link to go directly to the checkout.

Nice to see more competition in the unlimited cloud backup space and at the prices Zoolz is charging it is very affordable.

Start Backing up with Zoolz

Zoolz; the First Cloud Software to Introduce U.S.A Glacier

The first Unlimited Home Cloud solution based on Amazon Glacier with a very low price tag of $2/month.

Burlington, MA (PRWEB) September 10, 2013

Unlike the other big players in the Cloud industry, Zoolz has decided to take it upon itself to avoid the pretentious price war and fraudulent low margins and just act; thus presenting the very first Unlimited plan based on the Amazon Glacier for only $2/month.

Up until now, there hadn’t been any user-friendly service that works comprehensively based upon the Amazon Glacier technology. Zoolz is set to change that, with its U.S.A slogan; those acronyms that do not represent the United States of America, yet they serve as ‚ÄúUnlimited Storage on Amazon‚Äù Glacier.

Glacier, launched last year, is a data archival service designed for long-term needs and not for active use. Thus making it comprehensible that the fees for retrieval will be high in comparison to the fees for storage so as to discourage the use of Glacier for general purpose storage. It will also take 3 to 5 hours to prepare an archive for downloading.

What if Glacier could be used for general purposes and yet not break the preset budget? That is what Zoolz was set out to achieve; with its innovative restore and Hybrid features, it provides a restore time speed that is not only faster than both Amazon’s very S3 cloud and Glacier, but a speed that could compete with Local LAN services as well.

The lengthiness of the restore procedure is not the only tackled issue though; the costliness that hinders home end users from adopting Glacier is also solved with Zoolz’s Unlimited plan of $2/month hence making data retrieval much more affordable.

“It is indisputable that each and every family owns thousands of irreplaceable images, videos or music, and if the data is actually backed up, it is most probably to an external disk but not to the cloud” declared CEO Muayyad Shehadeh. “This is where Zoolz steps in and provides the home users with an easy, reliable and secure cloud software to simplify the whole process.”

Cloud computing is cited, according to a research conducted by Compuware alongside Research in Action, as the highest priority for investment. 16.5% of companies claimed Cloud computing to be of higher importance than mobile IT, business analytics, big data and in-memory.

The days of hard drives have long passed. Zoolz goes the extra mile with the backing up of internal, external and network drives as well. Home users are not the only target audience; with the generation of photo previews of all camera photos (including RAW format support), photographers will surely be pleased to view all of their works of art from a centralized location on the web.

The cost calculations for restores can be complicated. Generally, the faster the restore something, the more expensive it is.With its unbeatable price of $2/month, Zoolz unlimited will pose a challenge for other cloud-based plans especially with its Cold Storage technology that brings zero restore time to the table and thus solves such barriers. Additional advantages include the elimination of capping and no file type limitations.

Zoolz eases the whole process of cloud storage with the Cold Storage technology, which performs as a ubiquitous external hard drive that will never die, crash or run out of space. Furthermore, Zoolz is fully encrypted using military grade 256 AES encryption; which means in plain English that not even Zoolz employees or the NSA can access any backed up data for whichever reason.

About Zoolz:
With 10 years of online, local and Android backup solutions, Genie9 is pleased to introduce the first cloud backup solution catering to business along side home users. With the inaugural unlimited cloud storage plans, Zoolz presents an unsurpassable price with also providing the user with a Zeros Amazon Glacier restore time. This makes it the very first solution to provide a practical long term storage simple enough to be employed by a wide range of users.





9 responses to “Zoolz Home Goes Unlimited and Discount Code”

  1. Coach Avatar

    Zoolz can’t be trusted.

    Last Black Friday they offered a super deal – $90 for 5 years of unlimited storage. I took them up on it and it worked ok for 8 months (they throttled my uploads after 150 GB). Then I got a letter from their legal department containing a large FBI logo claiming I had a program that I didn’t own. After I proved that I DID own the program, they replied that they still wanted to terminate my subscription – and promptly did.

    That was it, no discussion, no recourse. My guess is they saw the Black Friday buyers as a liability and basically fired us, hoping we would go quietly because of the big scarey FBI logo (that the can’t legally use).

    Zoolz is based in Boston, the legal department is in London and all tech support is from Amman, Jordan and they only work during the day in Amman. My 2 tech support issues had to be resolved in the middle on my night.

    Stay away from Zoolz!

    I am now using and have found it to be fast and reliable.

  2. aviad Avatar

    hi, thanks for your post. the code works perfectly!

    1. Cloud Storage Buzz Team Avatar

      Glad it worked for you.

  3. slent Avatar

    The discount does not appear to be working for an unlimited home account. I tried checking out with a 5 year account.

    1. Cloud Storage Buzz Team Avatar

      Sorry about that had the link wrong. Guess it had to go straight to the checkout page. Try the new one now should work.

      1. slent Avatar

        Thanks for following up. Sorry to bother you again, but when I try the 3 discount links above, they all only allow me to buy a 1 year subscription with your discount code. I’m hoping to buy a 5 year using the discount code for your readers. Can you check into this again? Thanks so much in advance

        1. Cloud Storage Buzz Team Avatar

          Opps sorry about that forgot to change the link. Give it a try now.

  4. Stefan Avatar


    for me code is not working.
    Couldy you please check.


    1. Cloud Storage Buzz Team Avatar

      Ok after some back and forth with support I had the link wrong. Has to go straight to the checkout page. Try one of the purchase links now and the code should work. If not let me know. Thanks.

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