Zoolz 100GB Free for the First 1,000,000 Users


Zoolz from Genie 9, makers of the G Cloud Backup, are offering 100GB of free cloud backup for the first 1,000,000 users that sign up for the service. You will want to hurry to sign up for this offer to get on the waiting list.

I have actually been watching Zoolz for awhile. John had a review almost done in 2012 and then they went and changed the service from offering a home offering to only offering a business service. It looks like they have now made a switch again to offering both a home and business service.

The Zoolz free offer does feature the ability to backup two computers plus mobile access. There are limits though, the free offer looks like it contains ads and to get backup scheduling, bandwidth throttling, file filtering and some other features you need to sign up for the premium plan.

Zoolz uses Amazon for storing data and does make use of the Amazaon Glacier cold storage. For 100GB of free cloud backup could be worth looking into. I will be signing up and doing a review as soon as I get some time.

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2 responses to “Zoolz 100GB Free for the First 1,000,000 Users”

  1. willemijns Avatar

    the software creates a lot of pause for unknown reasons… i forget if they are a resume function for files paused at the middle of his filesize…

    1. Cloud Storage Buzz Team Avatar

      I have not actually installed it yet. Just trying to catch up on other work. If things go well I should get it installed on a Windows 8 test machine tomorrow. Have you got it running?

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