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Google Cloud Storage is Not Backup, Yet

With the announcement that you can now upload and store your files in the cloud with Google Docs there are a number of people announcing that you can now use Google for your online backups. This currently is not the case, and online backup services like Mozy, Backblaze, Carbonite etc really have nothing to worry about at this point.

This new offering from Google has several limits that make it suitable for sharing all types of documents but the file size limitation of 250mb makes it unusable as an online backup service. Of course this limit could change in the future, but this even makes Dropbox a much better product.


There is also no mention of file versions, a desktop application to access the service, scheduling and block level uploads of changes to files. TechCrunch did mention several partners in their post that could be brining some of those features. This could position the new service in the same arena as Amazon S3, which several online backup companies do use to store data, Jungle Disk and CloudBerry.

With Googles recent entry into the mobile phone sales market it is not surprising that they would launch an online storage service as well. While not specifically mentioned I am sure accessing Google Docs and other files will be available soon. Cloud storage such as this is perfect for accessing the documents you need on your phone, or any computer you have Internet access on.

It will be interesting to see what add on applications are created to access this new storage service. Perhaps Jungle Disk and others that currently use Amazon S3 will start to include Googles service as an option.

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