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Google GDrive (via Google Docs)

TechCrunch is reporting that Google GDrive Launches. Just Don’t Call It That. While not currently working with my Google Docs account you will soon be able to upload file formats that were previously not allowed on Google Docs. This could include media files, zip files and more. While not formally called GDrive it sure looks like GDrive.


You will be able to keep files private, make them public or share them with other users. Files need to be under 250mb. Regular Google users have 1gb of space available for free with more space available for purchase at $0.25/GB.

While not directly a backup service, this Google storage service (what ever you want to call it) will be attractive to those already using Google Docs. For online storage though, Dropbox is still my favourite, but I do look forward to being able to try out this new service from Google.

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