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IDrive Offers Disk Image Backup

IDrive Disk Image Backup

Yesterday IDrive announced that they now offer the ability to do a disk image backup with their backup application. This is great for those that want a complete backup of their systems. There are not a lot of services that offer disk image backup, in fact the only other service I can think of that offers such a service is Acronis.


From what I can tell of this option is differs from the service Acronis offers because it is a local backup option only. You create a disk image backup to a local location and then restore from that local disk image. This is still an excellent option for local backup and one that I would encourage IDrive users to take advantage of. It is also an excellent reason to consider IDrive from your backup needs. They offer they option to backup locally and to the cloud so you can keep your files safe.

IDrive has certainly been busy over that last year adding new and better features to their cloud backup offering. Along with better pricing and more storage their service has become a much better offer over the last year. I still recommend that people that use their service take advantage of using a private encryption key to prevent any unauthorized access to private files.

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