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Keepit 50% Off Coupon Code

Keepit online backup has come out with a very generous offer for those customers that are leaving Mozy, thanks to Mozy’s recent price hike. Keepit was one of the companies we listed on our Unlimited Alternatives to Mozy post shortly after Mozy announced their price changes and they have made it clear that they can compete and be profitable offering unlimited backup.


While several companies are offering discounts to users that are unhappy with the new Mozy price plans, Keepit has offered a fantastic 50% coupon code. Keepit will discount you if you want to move your subscription to Keepit – 50% off using their coupon code.

You can read more about Keepit’s response to Mozy’s price hike on their blog.

Want to know more about Keepit? Read our complete Keepit review for more information.

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