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Free Online Backup Service “Backify” Launched



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Yesterday a new online backup service called Backify launched. While I saw the news release and some of the splash that was trying to be created I chose not to mention it yesterday and instead posted about SOS Online Backup launching their new Social backup service. When I checked my email this morning and the website I noticed not 1 or 2 comments about Backify waiting to be moderated but a whopping 25 comments!

If you are interested in Backify I can understand, they are offering a significant amount of space for free, 512GB to be exact. That sounds like a great deal but I am skeptical about such a great sounding offer. Considering how Mozy changed their pricing and packages this year away from unlimited plans this kind of offer sounds to good to be true.

After looking at the service deeper it is nothing more that a Livedrive reseller and offers similar features to Livedrive. If you are interested I have started a list of other Livedrive resellers on the Livedrive review page.

Oh, if you were wondering about the 25 comments, they were all from the same IP address and scattered across the site on different posts. They have since been marked as SPAM and deleted.

I will include the press release below for you to read and if you want to know more about Livedrive read our Livedrive review for more information.

Start Backing up with Livedrive

Free Online Backup Service “Backify” Launched provides 512GB free space for automatic online backups. Unlimited space plans begin from $2.99 a month. It also provides a cloud storage service for as low as $4.99 a month for 512GB space.

Create an account in less than 30 seconds and start backing up your files to our safe and secure servers

Vancouver, British Columbia (PRWEB) October 13, 2011¬†launched an¬†online backup¬†service today. It offers 512 GB of free space for online backups, which can be upgraded to “Unlimited Space” for only $2.99 a month. Along with backups, it also provides a cloud storage service, similar to Dropbox.

Giving more details about the backup service, a company spokesman said that the service is very easy to use. “Create an account in less than 30 seconds and download the Backify software and install it. Once installed, the software automatically starts backing up your files to our safe and secure servers,” he said.

Explaining the briefcase (cloud storage) service, he said, “When you buy the briefcase, the Backify software adds a Network Drive to your My Computer or Mac Finder, where you can drag and drop files. Install Backify software on all your computers and share and sync files between them. Access your files from anywhere, in a browser or on your mobile. Share a file/folder with your friends or Public, accessible from any browser.”

Though none of the services offered by Backify (online backup and cloud storage) are new technology, however, the prices at which Backify offers them are totally unheard of. Backblaze, one of the leaders in the online backup market, offers an unlimited plan for $5.00 a month. However, 95% of computer users will never use more than about 300 GB of space for backups, and therefore can use the Backify’s free 512 GB plan. If they need more space, they can always go unlimited with only $2.99 a month which is 40% cheaper than Backblaze.

Similarly, the market leader in cloud storage, charges $10.00/month for 50 GB of space. Whereas, Backify is offering 512 GB of cloud storage for only $4.99/month. Power users can buy upto 2TB of cloud storage space for only $9.99/month. Similar to Dropbox, Backify has mobile apps, which can be used to stream music, movies or view/edit documents.

Backify Internet Ltd is a Vancouver, British Columbia based startup company. The company is self-funded by founder Tarandeep Gill, a Georgia Tech graduate.

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