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Top 3 Reasons Customers Choose TAPNET’s LiveDrive for Cloud Storage


It has been suggested that John and now myself have been unfair to Livedrive resellers in our assessment of their services. The opportunity to explain what makes a Livedrive reseller better than purchasing straight from Livedrive had been offered to other resellers but guests posts were never sent in. Recently however TAPNET purchased some advertising space here and I thought this would be a great opportunity to have a Livedrive reseller tell us why they choose to reseller Livedrive. This guest post is written by TAPNET.


Back in 1997, TAPNET started as a software development company. It helped small and medium enterprises develop database applications in North America. In just a few years, TAPNET became so popular that it was able to offer a full range of website development options including cloud based storage.

With companies everywhere working predominantly on computers online and offline, there needed to be a way to secure all of the data being created. TAPNET went on a search for the best data storage solutions possible. It decided on cloud based storage, and Livedrive services were introduced.

Why Livedrive?
There are many reasons TAPNET decided to choose Livedrive, but these three were the most influential in the decision to offer its services.

  1. Dedication to Superior Product
  2. Incredible Support
  3. Amazing Offers

The Dedication Livedrive Possesses for Superior Products
The online storage products Livedrive provides meets three requirements: speed, security, and feature rich. The online storage solution from Livedrive is faster than other products. This speed matters to customers because time is money. No one wants to wait while data backs up or is retrieved from the server. It’s more secure, which is crucial for any company holding sensitive information. It also contains more features than most competing products, which means customers receive more than they bargained for without paying a high price.

Incredible Support for Easy Usability
Cloud based storage is easy to use, but sometimes, customers have questions. With Livedrive, customers can get answers quickly, so they can get back to work without much delay. The customer service this company provides is simply incredible.

Amazing Offers for Budget Fitting Storage
One of the most common reasons people decide not to choose cloud based storage is they believe it’s too much money. Livedrive’s cloud storage solutions are competitively priced. Customers are able to choose from a variety of packages based on features and cost. This enables them to be able to find the one that is most affordable and useful to them.

Experience Security, Support, and Savings with Livedrive’s Cloud Storage
Since the 90s, TAPNET has provided thousands of customers with everything they need and want to run an efficient, successful enterprise. As technology changed, so did the services TAPNET offered. Livedrive is the premier cloud-based storage solution today, and it’s why TAPNET decided to offer it to its customers.

About the Author
TAPNET offers online backup services for small, medium, and large enterprise in North America. For more information about TAPNET and Livedrive, call 1-888-590-0201.

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