Zovo Backup

Noticed on Twitter that there is a new online backup company starting to create a little buzz before launch. Don’t know much yet, their name is Zovo, and their website states:


Defining the future of online data backup.
Backup, its not sexy, and we all know we should be doing something about it.

We will be changing the way you backup and interact with your data online.

You can enter your email address to join the invite list. If you do register and you can sign up at least 5 more people they state they will give you a free unlimited account for life.

Invite at least 5 friends using the links below, and to say thanks, we’ll give you an unlimited account once we launch.

You’ll be able to backup all of your data, no matter how many Gb or Tb you may have, for free.

It will be interesting to see what this company and service have in store. Hopefully I can get some more details before they actually launch.

If you are interested in joining the Zovo invite list you can do that here.






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