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MEGA Desktop Sync Beta Test

Twitter - MEGAprivacy- MEGAsync for Windows

Update: MEGA has now released the Windows Sync client for download. Visit their website to download.


This tweet from MEGA might have been easy to miss, after all it was the middle of holidays for many people and well there are more interesting things to be doing on New Years Eve. I did have a chance to try the new MEGA desktop sync app though and I have to say I am fairly impressed.

The app itself feels a little rough around the edges still but it is a beta app. There are plenty of warnings in the app that there could be problems and issues, so don’t plan on using this in production yet. Not to mention the beta app that I tried actually expires January 4th, 2014 so there was a limited time to try it out. Since I don’t keep anything important in my MEGA account I was not to concerned about trying it.

Things I like so far:

  • It feels fast. It could be as fast or faster than Dropbox.
  • You can add sync folders outside of the main sync folder it creates, but this is not as intuitive as it could be yet.
  • It integrates into Windows Explorer making it easy to upload.

Here is a quick screen cast of me installing the beta app on a Windows 8.1 test machine. I had no problem using the app and when I copied files to the MEGA sync folder the desktop app easily started to sync the files to my machine.

Overall this beta is looking good for MEGA and while there has been a bit if a wait for this desktop sync app it looks like it might be well worth the wait. This desktop app could certainly help MEGA give the other cloud storage and sync services some competition and the generous 50GB of free space will make this app popular.

Did you have a chance to try the new MEGA desktop sync app? What are your thoughts, will it be a Dropbox killer?

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