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MEGA Releases Mobile Version & Offers PayPal Payment

MEGA Mobile in ChromeWhen MEGA launched it seemed as though the service was still frozen in the early 2000’s when desktops and laptops ruled computing. As we all know though smartphone and tablet usage has sky rocketed and it seems like MEGA has finally caught on to this new reality and had now produced a mobile friendly version of their website. Kim Dotcom announced it via a tweet yesterday.


My initial test of the site with the Dolphin mobile browser was not very successful, but I was able to use the mobile Chrome browser to sign in, upload and download a file. Since my initial test yesterday I tried the Dolphin browser again and have been able to login and download a file but uploads still fail. Nice to see MEGA joining the rest of the world and working on mobile.

Kim Dotcom is still saying desktop and mobile apps are coming.

While I have no doubt that an official MEGA Android app will be available, I wonder if the Apple iTunes police will stop any official MEGA iPhone and iPad app for some breaking of the Apple app rules. I guess we will find out soon.

In other news about MEGA, you are now able to purchase a MEGA Pro subscription using PayPal. This is a surprise because just after MEGA launched resellers were offering payment via PayPal but it was removed thanks to Robert King, the lead figure behind StopFileLockers (SFL), an anti-piracy group dedicated to bringing file-hosting services to their knees by strangling their finances. TorrentFreak had good coverage of this here and here.

It would appear that PayPal has now changed its mind about MEGA and has allowed them to process payments. Clicking the PayPal link on the MEGA Pro pricing page takes you straight to PayPal to process your payment.



It will be interesting to see if StopFileLockers has any official statement about this new development and if they will take any action to have PayPal remove MEGA as a merchant again.

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