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Memopal Launches New Website and Pricing

Memopal online backup has launched a new website a few days ago and along with the new website has significantly changed their pricing structure. Gone is the multiple storage account sizes replaced with a simple one size fits all plan of 500GB for €79/year (roughly $90.00 USD depending on current exchange rates).


Memopal is one of those services I don’t hear about very often. They have been around a pretty long time and when I last tested the service is was pretty decent. They also have some resellers, one that I am aware of is SafeCopy Backup. They are still offering the 3GB free plan so I will have to make a point of trying them out again and updating the review with some new screenshots and perhaps a video.

While the new plan is a welcome change it could be limiting for some users. I could not find any information on cost if you need more storage. They did create a handy comparison chart that I have taken a screenshot of to show you comparing the cost of Memopal to other services.

Memopal Comparison Chart

One of the features that I don’t recall Memopal having that they are highlighting in the chart above is the ability to upload files to Memopal and remove them from your computer and keep them on the service. This feature would be unique to Memopal and could be a great way to store files you do not need regular access too but want to keep. I know many people liked that feature in Bitcasa.

The press release about the new Memopal is available below if you are interested in reading it. At one time Cloud Storage Buzz (Online Backup Deals) had a unique promo code that offered a discount but it does not appear that code works any longer.

ROME, January 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —

Memopal ( presents its all-new Online Backup service, the result of over five years’ experience in the cloud sector. Over 1 million users worldwide use Memopal. TELCO, a leading hard drive and antivirus software manufacturer, have already chosen Memopal as a partner for integrating their online backup and sales offer.

What is Memopal? Memopal simplifies your life because it continuously and automatically backs up files from your computer to remote servers with a 256-bit encrypted connection. Thanks to Memopal, your files are secure and can be recovered online at any time from the web app or your cell phone using the dedicated apps. Memopal is compatible with the most popular operating systems: Windows, Macintosh, Linux, iOS and Android. Memopal is available in a 3GB freeware version forever, a 500GB Pro version at 79€ annually, or a White Label version that is customizable with your own brand.

Only 10% of computer users in America made a backup copy of their files in 2012[1]. Backing up files to an external hard drive requires time and effort, and generally the need to have a copy of all your files arises only when you’ve already lost them due to a malfunction or stolen computer. ¬†Memopal solves all your problems.

Why is Memopal different from sync services? Memopal differs from sync services because it provides long term protection from your computer towards the cloud, and not vice-versa. Files that are on Memopal are not synced and downloaded to all your devices, in order to avoid weighing them down.


Furthermore, your Memopal protected files deleted from your computer are not automatically deleted from your backup. If your hard drive is getting cramped for available disk space, you can upload all your files to Memopal and delete them from your computer. You can then download just the files you need at any time, and the other files will safely remain on Memopal. If you’re sharing folders with friends, there’s no worry that shared files will be mistakenly deleted, since files remain on Memopal until file owners decide to delete them manually from their accounts.

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