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Memopal Promotional Code

When I compiled my list of online backup companies I knew I would miss someone. Thankfully Memopal let me know I missed them and the best part is they are offering you a chance to save 15% because of my mistake.


Starting today the first 100 users that sign up to Memopal and use the promotional code OBD15 can save 15% on their subscription.

Click here to use this promotional code!

Personal accounts start at only $49.00 / year for 150 gb of backup space. With the 15% off promotional code you can get a year of service with Memopal for only $41.35. That is only $3.45 / month! A great price for online backup. That might even beat Mozy!

I am still going through all that Memopal has to offer and I will be working on a more complete review. Until I get that done though the first thing I noticed about Memopal is the operating systems they support: Windows, Mac, Linux and IPhone! I think IDrive might be the only other company that supports the IPhone that I have found yet.

Here are some features I noted about Memopal:

  • Windows, Mac, Linux and IPhone
  • Multiple computers with the same license.
  • Real 150Gb of space no hidden limitations.
  • Web and mobile access.
  • Continuous data protection.
  • A fast and relevant search function.

I did a quick search on YouTube and discovered they have some video’s up as well, in multiple languages. The English one is embedded below, but check their YouTube page if you want it in another language.


They also have a quick slideshow presentation over at SlideShare.

Thanks to Memopal for letting me know I missed them and for offering such a great deal on their services.

Start Backing up with Memopal

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11 Responses to Memopal Promotional Code

  1. […] our review of them. If you don’t qualify for the 30% switch promotion, you can always use our 15% off promotional code to sign up. Just use the promotional code […]

  2. Larry says:

    No. I’m on a very fast connection and everything else is fast, both up and down. I still like Memopal better than any other similar solution, but it’s just slow. It has managed to speed up some over the past 24 hours.

  3. Larry says:

    I agree, and I fully believe it is merely coincidental, but for whatever reason, uploading for the past couple of days is slow…very slow. I have spoken with support several times, the last time with Simone, who seems to be one of their managers. He suggested a full uninstall, including some Terminal entries to remove everything. It didn’t help, so I still think it’s just an issue with their bandwidth. I’ve tried all the other solutions and just don’t like them…I do like Memopal, so hope they can get this fixed. I just looked again at my ongoing backup. I’ve uploaded less than 1GB in the past 24 hours of continual backing up. That’s pretty sad.

  4. Larry says:

    Well, the two days I used the trial it was awesome…very fast and reliable. So I used the promo code here and signed up and it’s been slow as molasses ever since! I’m on a super fast connection (20 Mbps down and 5 Mbps up) and it’s taken me nearly two days to upload 1 GB…that’s sad. It will take two months to upload all I need to for my backup and it’s too late to back out now…already paid them.

    • John says:

      That sounds strange. There is no reason it should slow down after you sign up. I am sure you tried contacting support. Have they gotten back to you? What did they say?

  5. Larry says:

    When you read the reviews, and even compare, the top five or six online backup services for a Mac they all have their pluses and minuses and all cost about $50/year. However, Memopal, despite its goofy name, is by far the best I’ve seen. Add to that I can drop Dropbox, since Memopal has a great encrypted sharing feature. I think it’s a real winner.

  6. bob says:

    Definitely backing up my files that exist on my external usb drive(s) to the cloud. Its critical, cause thats where most of my data is!!

    I’m letting memopal do its thing now, but it has a new problem – its SUPER SLOW!! Its been trying to upload 28mb for over an hour and still says there is 44 minutes remaining. I tried turning all the settings up but it doesn’t seem to matter. Perhaps its because its the free version, i hope so, although i’ll need some assurance thats the case before buying. It would take years to backup all my data at this rate!! (for comparison, i uploaded about 200mb to sugarsync in less than 10 minutes).

    • John says:

      You must have a fast connection, 200mb in 10 is fast. However 28mb in an hour does not sound good. Maybe try emailing their sales or support and see what they say.

      I have not had a chance to even try the trial yet. So many companies to try and review!

  7. bob says:

    Hi John, this site is really a great resource.

    I still haven’t made my decision yet, but this memopal, whom i also had not heard of, sounds pretty great. I have tried:

    – sugarsync – no external drive support
    – carbonite – same deal
    – diino – really shitty client
    – backblaze – also a pretty shitty client, and no sharing support (but best so far really)

    Perhaps some others too :) I’m hoping memopal is great!!

    • John says:

      Thanks for the compliment Bob!

      Every service offers something different. Are you looking for the ability to backup an external drive or backup to an external drive?

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