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Switch to Memopal Promotion

Memopal has launched a new promotion to encourage users that are not happy with their current online backup service to switch to Memopal. The best part is that you can switch to Memopal and save yourself a nice 30% off of the price. There are more details available at the “Switch to Memopal” web page, but the basics of it is, tell Memopal why you are not happy with your current online backup service and they will give you 30% to switch to using Memopal.


If you want to know more about Memopal, check out our review of them. If you don’t qualify for the 30% switch promotion, you can always use our 15% off promotional code to sign up. Just use the promotional code OBD15.

Start Backing up with Memopal

The full press release is listed here for your reference.

“Switch to Memopal”. New promotion, 30% off.

Memopal Online Backup offers all users who are not satisfied with other services to try their own platform at an attractive price.

Rome, June 19, 2009. The “Switch to Memopal” promotion starts today: a discount of 30% for users of other online backup providers who decide to switch to Memopal. Any user not satisfied with other backup services can try out Memopal’s backup platform by taking advantage of this special price. For details of the offer, go to, answer 2 simple questions and you can purchase a Personal or Business licence at a discount of 30%. The offer is valid from June 15 until September 15, 2009!

Memopal is an online backup and storage software package that archives files from Windows, Mac and Linux computers in real-time, on remote servers. It doesn’t matter how many times you change computer: you always know where your data is. With Memopal you can browse through your files from any PC connected to the Internet or from mobile phones, such as iPhones, BlackBerrys or indeed any other smartphone such as Nokia or Android. You can send files that are too big for e-mail, even from your mobile, without having to download the original file: the recipient will receive a message with a link to download it.

Memopal performs backups automatically, hassle free, and with total respect for your privacy.

About Memopal:
Memopal’s mission is to protect and organise users’ files. Memopal is a European company, based in Rome, that stands out from the competition because data stored by its applications are synchronized, searchable and accessible as soon as they are uploaded. More important files are synchronized with priority, calculating their importance based on how often the user interacts with them.

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