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Mozy Hits 3 Million Users

I just was reading through the Mozy support forums a little bit and came across this little gem of information.


We have 3 million total mozy users now. And yes, the 50-125 GB thresholds weren’t just random, there was math behind it. I can’t say anything on the offical number of lost customers against projection for the price change, or change in sign ups per/day, but I can say that my personal projection of number of customers lost was significantly off, we have lost a lot less than I thought we would have, and new sign ups are much higher than I thought they would be.

This is not an official Mozy press release about user numbers so it should not be taken as totally accurate. Mozy officially announced in April 2009 that they had reached the 1 millionth customer. With a little simple math that means Mozy has continued to grow at roughly 1 million customers per year. Compare that to Carbonite who stated in April of this year that they have 1 million customers. If this 3 million customers is correct Mozy is certainly still in the lead of online backup, despite the new plans and price changes.

Personally I do find it a little surprising that Mozy sign ups are higher than this employee thought it would be. When Mozy announced their price changes they were bumped from being our number one online backup service to number seven. Price and feature wise they did not offer a very compelling product compared to services like Backblaze, Carbonite and CrashPlan. This has changed somewhat since they now offer mobile apps and have a sync service called Stash in beta but their core MozyHome backup service is crippled thanks to the lack of an unlimited account option and higher cost.

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2 Responses to Mozy Hits 3 Million Users

  1. Jeff says:

    3 million Mozy users??? That is a joke!

    I bet 2.9 million are 2GB free subscribers, and 100K paying users.

    To the contrary, Carbonite doesn’t have free service (just a 2 week trial period).

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