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MyPCBackup Review

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Available as MyPCBackupZipCloudand JustCloud brands.


  • Unlimited Account: $9.95/month
  • Unlimited Account: $41.70/6 Months.
  • Unlimited Account: $71.40/year. Saves you over 40% over monthly plan.
  • Unlimited Account: $118.80/two years. Saves you over 50% over monthly plan.
  • Click here to save over 40% – 50% on MyPCBackup!


  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Quick restore options
  • Backups automatically
  • Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Unlimited plan.
  • Mulitple computers allowed.
  • File synchronization.
  • Easy to use.
  • Files storage on Amazon S3 servers.
  • Mobile apps available for Android, iOS,
  • Blackberry, Windows Phone 8 and Kindle Fire


  • Limited backup scheduling options.
    Fairly new company.
  • Need to purchase additional options, like hourly backup etc. Makes pricing complicated.
  • File size limit of 5GB. Makes service unusable for people with large files.
  • Defaults to excluding audio and video files from backup.
  • Be sure to read their Terms and Fair Use Policy. Unlimited does not necessarily mean unlimited.

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?Full MyPCBackup Review

MyPCBackup is an online backup service that launched in February 2010. Unlike its competitors that are starting in online backup, MyPCBackup did not take the reseller route but decided to create its separate backup software.

The company has its head offices located in the United Kingdom, and they also use Amazon S3 storage servers for storing client data. You can recognize an international feel on their website because of their ability to show prices in US dollars, Canadian dollars, UK Pounds and Euro.

This cloud storage service was a creation of the Just Develop It Company, MyPC Backup is a business leader in the online backup revolution. The establishment’s objective is to provide simple solutions to complex technical concerns.

The company first launched in 2010, and MyPC provides the same value of services that their sister companies, ZipCloud, and JustCloud provide. The only distinction is, they have a slightly different visual website interface so that they can cater to a different user.

PC Backup is a desktop application for users who do not often think of the importance to back up files, and what or when to back up. The service is all about automation, and this is the reason their system continuously doing online back-ups, even while you work.

Regardless of computer knowledge, the process is user-friendly so you can easily protect your files and folders while having an extra storage space at the same time. You only need to install the program on your computer then the system will do everything for you.


Once you create an account on the MyPCBackup website you can choose what plan you want to subscribe too. If you want to simply to try the free trial choose the free option otherwise you can select what paid plan you want. The longer your subscription the cheaper per month your subscription is. If you go for a two year subscription your cost per month drops as low as $4.95/month. Not a bad price for an online backup service offering unlimited storage with multiple computers.

After selecting your plan you will be taken to your online dashboard where you can download the software to install on your computer. The download is pretty straight forward, in fact when I tried it the download started immediately when I was at this page with no need for me to click on the link. If for some reason it does not start automatically you can click the link to download the application.

Once you have the application downloaded simply double click the installer and the installation wizard will walk you through installation on your computer. Once the software is installed you will need to login to MyPCBackup with the username and password that you used to create your account on the website.


Once the application is installed you will be able to setup your initial backup through the backup setup wizard. You can choose between the basic backup setup to backup your My Documents folder or manually select the files you want to backup. Once your folders and files have been selected the application will start to back them up to the MyPCBackup servers.

For more control about the backup, you can view and edit some backup settings. For the trial, you can only do a daily backup, but there is an option for an hourly backup but be prepared to pay more for a feature that many services offer as a standard. With the latest release of the software they have added some more control over the backup scheduling that allows you to choose when the backup takes place, but again only once per day unless you upgrade to the hourly feature.

You can also select whether the program uses HTTPS or HTTP for backing up your files. I am somewhat surprised that they give you this option since http is not a secure method to transfer your files. Be sure to select the https option.

There is also the option to select how large of files you want to be backed up. The default is a measly 1MB file size, but the maximum is only 3GB! If you have large files like HD home videos, a large Outlook PST file etc this file size limit is way too small and you will need to look at other services that do not have this kind of file size limit.

While the service is advertised as offering unlimited storage, be sure to read the fine print in their terms of service particularly the Fair Use Policy. If you have a lot of data you could potentially run into problems with MyPCBackup.


Restoring your files through the desktop application is as simple as clicking on the Restore Files button. After clicking the button you can select which folders and files you would like restored and where you would like to restore them. After that, it is only a matter of waiting for the files to be downloaded and placed in the location you selected. It was an easy process and easy enough for most people to do.

You can also view your files online at the MyPCBackup website where you can select files for download. I could not find a way to select an entire folder for download on the website but if you need quick access to a file or two grabbing them from the website is certainly an option.

Other Features

Multiple Computers – With MyPCBackup you can have multiple computers backing up using the same account. This is great if you have a computer for you, your spouse and kids and you can backup all of them to the same account. Most services charge extra for multiple computers, but with MyPCBackup it is standard. Nice feature to see.

File Sync

MyPCBackup allows you to sync files between your computers. It works by creating a special folder similar to Dropbox that you can add files to. All the files in the sync folder will be synced across your computers.

Web Access

This is almost a standard feature with online backup now, but it needs to be noted that you can access your files through the MyPCBackup website. This gives you easy access to your files in the event you need to download a few from a remote location.


Support can make the difference with a service with many online backup services only offering email support. MyPCBackup offers a support ticket system as well as a well-publicized phone number on their website in the event you need to get a hold of them. The application as well offers an easy to see help button that will open their help center from the website. If you do have problems getting the software installed they do have some decent video tutorials to help you along.


MyPCBackup is a new strong contender for online backup for Windows and Mac users. Their features of offering unlimited storage with support for multiple computers with a file sync feature is a good feature set for people with one or more computers. If you prefer Linux you will have to look elsewhere, but MyPCBackup could be a great service.

A quick hint: Sign up for the trial and wait you will get an email offering you a great 35% discount on the service. That takes your per month rate down to only $3.96/month on a 2-year subscription. With their anytime money back guarantee that could be a great deal.

MyPCBackup is also available as ZipCloud and JustCloud brand names.


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26 Responses to MyPCBackup Review

  1. Max says:

    This service sucks and will continue to bill you long after you attempt to cancel. They like to play the game that they can’t find your account or credit card number etc., but they just keep billing. Even after I finally got a refund after 5 months of dealing with their idiots in billing I still got charged. COMPLETE SCAM

  2. Andrew says:

    I just found out that my two year plan which cost me $65 had been renewed without anyone telling me anything for about $225! Compounding my concern was that they had charged a credit card where the credentials I provided included a now-expired expiration date. So they had, in my view fraudulently, changed the expiration date without any input from me and charged my card.

    When I reported this to mypcbackup they drew my attention to the automatic renewal policy (under which I was “billed” 15 days in advance and I should be able to get a refund since the renewal date has not yet arrived). For my first request they instead offered a 70% discount on the $225. I’ll keep you posted.

  3. Ken Sowton says:

    This company and software can not be trusted. I had 2 long episodes of learning this before I found out the refund promised was also a hoax. They claim unlimited but in practice the bigger my file base got the less it worked. It also was proven beyond doubt to not be backing up what it said it had without showing any errors. A con job all round really which cost me dearly.

  4. Kevin says:, also “justcloud” and I think another company are all the same backup service. And all are TERRIBLE!!

    1. The backup software has failed a number of times. They’re solution is to reinstall the software and risk losing previously backed up information.

    2. Customer service is terrible. Good luck trying to get someone who speaks English well on the phone.

    3. Money: They’ve taken money 3 unauthorized times, claiming charges for additional licenses (though there is only one computer on the account). Once I didn’t even catch it to fight it with the credit card company so they got me that time for $37.42. You cannot turn off automatic renewal, you cannot remove credit card information from their clutches, and you can’t get your money back. When I asked for a refund 2 days after they took it, I got this response:

    Thank you for contacting MyPC Backup.

    Regrettably we are unable to refund additional services purchased. This is outlined in our terms and conditions that you had agreed to upon sign up (

    MPCB License to You; Renewals, Modifications, Limits
    (d) Cancellation of Renewals.

    “…all sales are final and not subject to a refund for the following products multiple computer extra, priority support, additional support, increased bandwidth and other additional products that may be offered from time to time that do not fall within the initial package purchased by you. All extras are concerned one time purchases for the period you selected and will not be eligible for a refund.”

    Please let us know if you need further assistance, we are more than happy to assist you. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    For faster resolution of your issue you may wish to call us on the following numbers:

    US/CA: 1-888-851-0954
    UK: 0844 445 7025
    AU: 61-1800-039-220

    Kind Regards,

    Cresha May Lamparas
    Customer Services Representative

    To which I responded that it was illegal (cancellation always lawful within 3 days). I sent them a response on legal stationery, to which they claim to have refunded unauthorized charge.


  5. STF4all says:

    I originally signed up for MYPCBackup in 2013 because there was a discount offered on their website and I also had an additional discount code. I had the unlimited storage, with free upgrades. 6 months later I noticed some of my files were no longer being backed up. I contacted support and was told they changed their policy on the size limit for files that were backed up, they also no longer backed up audio and video files without an upgrade. To keep my business I offered these upgrades at no additional charge.
    I was also unaware there was an automatic renewal at the end of the year (the renewal is for 2 years)! I was charged almost $300.00! and my eternal drive was no longer backed up. Of course for an additional $80 upgrade I could get this service!
    I contacted them to cancel and was told I could only receive $118.00 refund because it was past the 14 days to refund the charges on any upgrades. Even if I wanted to keep my account and cancel any of the upgrades I would not be refunded anything on the upgrades.
    Stay away from this company! Maybe I didn’t read the terms close enough. but their website makes you think you have a money back guarantee and you don’t!

  6. Rafael says:

    Stay AWAY from this!!!
    Almost every SINGLE service of backup is charged AFTER you purchase your “UNLIMITED” subscription. You’re offered the “add-ons” after the subscription, and after negotiating almost all of them and CONTINUING using this Online Backup Company, they have the courage to delete all my data telling I should’ve migrate to a BUSINESS PLAN, like reviewed before in some sites out there, they are LIMITED.

  7. Roody says:

    Their claim of unlimited backup is bogus. If you get up over 1T they send a message saying that your usage is more like a business user. They give you a choice of paying literally 10 times as much or they’ll delete your files. Many other people have received the exact same message – check out the other review sites.

    MyPCBackup is a scam!

  8. korisnik says:

    The service is a ripoff and scam. I started using their “unlimited” plan on one computer. After doing backup of some files, got note that account will be canceled unless I move over to the more expensive account.
    Desktop application often fails without giving any errors and warnings. It just stops doing backups.
    Online application doesn’t have the ability to delete multiple files or folders containing other folders. Look elsewhere for online backup.

  9. WARY OF mypcbu NOW says:

    Wow! One person above mentioned how inviting and seducing their website is. It sure is! Also, when I started to close out of their site, a person threw up a screen asking to chat. I was offered a 35% discount. that’s great and will only cost me $85 a year to back up my 2 computers. But, after searching Google with “Bad news about MyPCBackup” just to see if there was anything really bad about them, came across this site. Have you folks ever educated me. Think I’ll stick with Carbonite and pay the $110 yearly subscription for my 2 computers. Carbonite has always been reliable, easy to use and access. Thanks for your comments.

  10. Alan O'Brien says:

    MyPC Backup Unlimited is limited!

    Summary: This cloud back up service worked well but there are vague “fair usage” terms which are given no prominence on the main website and you are not warned when you breach them.

    Detail: I’ve had MyPC Backup for 15 months and mostly it has worked well. There have been glitches but tech support was helpful and solved them.

    I sample check from time to time that new files on my home computer’s C drive have appeared in the online back up. Recently I found that files were not appearing in the cloud folder. I ran MyPC Backup several times to no avail. I contacted support who at first were helpful in making suggestions about the cause of the problem. After a couple of exchanges I said their solutions had not worked.

    The next response on 25 May 2013 wasn’t from the tech guy but from 2 people who had this email address: . They said:

    “Hi Alan,

    Regrettably our fair usage policy does apply here and we require you to upgrade to a business account to continue backing up. (

    14. Termination and Fair Use Policy
    If you have purchased a MPCB Product or Service that is inappropriate for your actual usage, MPCB may require you to switch to an appropriate MPCB Product or Service which may result in your having to pay MPCB additional fees for use of the appropriate product or to terminate your purchased MPCB Products or Services and refund, on a prorated basis, any fees paid you may have paid on the unused portion of your MPCB subscription.


    In this case we can provide you with a pro-rata refund due to the inconvenience caused if you do not wish to upgrade to a business account.

    Kind Regards,

    George Scott
    Product & Development team
    MyPC Backup

    Matt Curd
    Product & Development team
    MyPC Backup

    There are number of points here.

    1. I had joined the “Unlimited” back up service. If you Google this you will find it just says “Unlimited Storage”. There is no qualification eg an asterisk pointing you to conditions or limitations. If you click on the “Unlimited Storage” link on the main page you get another page which says:

    “Store as much as you want, when you want!

    “No need for external drives.”

    “No limit on file type.”

    “Truly unlimited storage.”

    Innocently I took “truly unlimited storage” to mean what it said.

    2. At no time had I received any warning that I was about to breach or, indeed, had breached any conditions. If I had not checked I might have assumed my data was still being backed up. There was no sign that anything was wrong. So I could have had a crash and lost data which had not been backed up.

    3. I am a home user. I am retired and don’t have a business. I do have a lot of data – photos, music etc – because I have had a computer for 30 odd years and have kept everything. MyPC Back up say I have 2 terabytes backed up. But after the initial back up I am not backing up huge amounts.

    4. When you look at the conditions mentioned in the Founders’ email you find they are vague in the extreme. You can see for yourself by following the links they mention but the relevant condition is 14 – Termination and Fair Use Policy. The key passages are:

    For example: If MPCB believes that you are using our service for business or commercial use, MPCB has the sole discretion to amend your service to our Business and Enterprise service which may require you paying additional fees or termination of your account. MPCB may, in our sole discretion and from time to time, establish or amend general operating practices to maximize the operation and availability of MPCB Products or Services and to prevent abuses. As part of these practices, we reserve the right to monitor our system to identify excessive consumption of network resources and to take such technical and other remedies as we deem appropriate. Your consumption of MPCB Products or Services may be deemed excessive if, within any month, your usage greatly exceeds the average level of monthly usage of MPCB’s customers, generally.”

    How on earth can a user know whether they exceed the “average level of monthly usage of . . . customers generally”?

    Naturally I immediately protested to MyPC Backup. I told them I was not a business user and objected to the complete lack of warning. I also asked them how they justified their “unlimited” back up claims. Despite several reminders I have had no response.

    If I was feeling kind I’d say the MyPC Backup advertising was misleading. In fact I think they are dishonest and the lack of notice about exceeding limits is appalling.

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