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Hostgator Recommends JustCloud
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Hostgator Recommends JustCloud

Online Backup Deals was previously hosted at Hostgator, and while I had no significant problems with them I decided to move to Media Temple to see if the speed of the website could be improved.  Since the site was originally hosted on Hostgator I have been signed up for their email newsletter. They sent the following out to the email list today.


Greetings Gators,

A few months back we emailed you to make you aware of the importance of backing up your personal files and not relying on hard drives due to some shocking statistics on drive failures.

We partnered with JustCloud.com to offer all our customers a free 14 day cloud backup trial (with 15MB of Free space). They also have great special offers for after the trial for as little as $4.49/month (billed for 2 years) – peace of mind for your files for under $5/month!

This was received very well by our users and many of you took advantage of this special trial offer.

Unfortunately some of you may have missed out, so we have decided to email you the link again, for one final chance of setting up your free trial account with JustCloud.

Get Your Free JustCloud Trial Account – (Exclusive)

Our whole lives are now stored on our hard drives, our photos, files, music, videos and more so it’s now more important than ever to be backing up.

JustCloud allows you to access your files from anywhere at anytime so you are never without your files, even on your internet enabled mobile devices and tablets.

We highly recommend taking steps to back up your computer and files today.


Perhaps I left Hostgator just in time since they have recommended to people one of our lowest rated online backup services that exists. Has Hostgator not read what their own customers are telling them in the Hostgator forums? If you are a Hostgator customer seriously look at some of the reviews and other options for only backup that I list here. You will be much better off

Shame on you Hostgator for not doing any real research before you recommend a service!

Want to know more about MyPCBackup? Read our complete MyPCBackup Review for more information such a cost.

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3 Responses to Hostgator Recommends JustCloud

  1. Dheeraj says:

    Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to sound so neutral-ish.

    I mean they’re doing all this just for money. They’re not recommending to help users but partnering to make some quick bucks.

  2. Dheeraj says:

    HostGator is not “reccemonding”, they’re “partering” and “advertising”.
    As simple as that.

    • John Tucker says:

      Does not matter if the are just advertising or partnering or recommending it is the same thing in the end. They are suggesting users sign up for a service that is IMHO is not up to par with the other services. If I signed up for this service after getting Hostgators email and then my drive died and I discovered that the files I thought were backed up were not because of a 2mb file size limit etc I would be ticked at Hostgator just as much as Just Cloud. Basically if Hostgator does not have standards for the companies they partner with it makes me wonder about how good/honest of a company they are.

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