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JustCloud Potentially Unwanted Program from SourcForge

I have noticed an increase in comments on the site about JustCloud, often from people that have been saying JustCloud or MyPCBackup has infected their computer and they keep getting annoying pop ups from the software. I had not personally seen JustCloud installing in a malware manner until recently.


I recently went to download FileZilla, an excellent FTP/SFTP Program, and visited their website. I then made the mistake of downloading the installer from SoureForge. SourceForge used to be a trusted open source download site, but doing a quick search on Google shows that they have recently been installing potentially unwanted programs with other legitimate downloads. FileZilla also offers direct downloads, which I have linked to above, but the SourceForge link is the one that comes up first and is recommended.

I was in a hurry when I went to download FileZilla and did not even notice at first what I had done. It became very apparent when I started the FileZilla installer that other software was asking to install on the computer. While they do give you a warning that they are trying to install other software it is not perfectly clear that this is not the software you intended to install. This type of software installation borders on malicious. If you recently downloaded any files from SourceForge it could be the source of your JustCloud installation.

Personally I find this type of software installation to be unethical. While I like FileZilla they are partly to blame for this problem as is SourceForge and the software companies that advertise and install their software using this method. I will be looking for another FTP/SFTP software that I can trust that does not host their files on SourceForge and in the future I will not download any files from SourceForge.

It is for reasons like this that I highly recommend you do not use or install any software from JDI Backup. They give all cloud backup and storage companies a bad name by installing in this manner.

Have you been the victim of JustCloud or other JDI Backup Software being installed without your knowledge?

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2 Responses to JustCloud Potentially Unwanted Program from SourcForge

  1. Fred M. says:

    I had the same experience when trying to update Filezilla Server, but there it was even worse as it also installed the unwanted Weather Channel app in addition to JustCloud. And this is on a Windows Enterprise server! I was accessing it remotely, and, like you, was rushing. Only after it started to install did I discover that it was installing the crapware on my system. I was livid and I have no way of knowing if the uninstallers really removed all of the junk installed with those unwanted applications.

    I really hope that FileZilla looks for another place to host their software as this kind of thing is infuriating and, as you say, unethical.

  2. Remus110 says:

    justcloud is a bullshit !!!
    Is not enough space in this comment to explain ALL that i was encountered when i tried to use their services.
    Honestly I am not recommend to anyone their services. They offer many to catch you but in reality … and many many more !!!
    justcloud is the worst experience that personally I encountered since I use cloud services !!! and the no respect for their customers … the lies … and many many more is notorious.
    I am not recommend to anyone … anyone else is better believe me !!!

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