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Why some companies do what they do never ceases to amaze me. The online backup space is pretty crowded as it is but not enough for JDI Backup apparently. They recently just launched another brand along side their already existing brands of MyPCBackup, Just Cloud and Zip Cloud called Backup Genie. I will give them this much, it is a good name, to good maybe.

Perhaps JDI Backup did not know that there is already a backup company called Genie9 that offers a software product called, Genie Backup. Sounds pretty similar and I am sure Genie9 will probably not like the confusion they might get with Backup Genie. I am no lawyer but makes you wonder if they checked around before launching this latest website.


Beside the fact that Backup Genie sounds a lot like the software from Genie9 I do have to wonder what JDI Backup is thinking. They have fours brands all offering essentially the same service, all of them suffering from the same problems. I recently did install MyPCBackup again to see if it got any better and did the following video of the install and pointed out some of the problems with MyPCBackup, all of those problems have been carried over to the other brands.

From what I can tell this is just a way for JDI Backup to get more brands into more review websites and take more of the top 10 spots on those websites. Would not surprise me if those sites all start to list Backup Genie in the top 5 as well. That way JDI Backup will have 4 of the top 5 spots on all of those other review websites.

I will be honest, if you see a review website that is placing any of the JDI Backup brands in the top 10, they are doing it for one reason only, a high affiliate payout. If you want some honest opinions about these services here are some links besides mine that you can read.

I am passionate about helping you backup your computer and keeping your files safe, unfortunately not all the companies that offer online backup feel that way and I want you to understand that there are better companies out there that are passionate about keeping your data safe. Perhaps JDI Backup will start to understand that backing up peoples files is backing up peoples memories and instead of making it more confusing for people by polluting the online backup space with more brands they could focus on actually making a better service, one that will actually do the promises they make on their website.

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31 Responses to MyPCBackup, Just Cloud, Zip Cloud and Backup Genie

  1. Don't do it! says:

    I signed up for free trial, then authorized one month of unlimited storage for a one time charge of less than $8…as soon as they had my debit info I got an electronic invoice for $133.48, they charged me for a 24 month plan, all paid in advance. I did not authorize this. Went to live chat and as soon as they realized I wanted this reversed I was sent to another chat page for billing, which wants my name and email, as soon as I enter that info the page just resets to wanting the same info again and again and so on, so it’s a dead chat page. I went back to the previous chat page only to find that “no operators are available”, now I could send email only. From one minute to the next they had no more operators, for the rest of the day apparently.
    The illegal $133.48 charge went through right away, I will now likely face my balance bouncing on the next business day as legitimate charges I have authorized elsewhere will come through against that same money which just cloud quickly relieved me of without my authorization. And for each legit charge that bounces because of this my bank will charge me a $35 overdraft fee, further adding to this ripoff.
    Do not give these people your debit\credit card info, they will take you to the cleaners and wait to see if you complain, and if you do complain then suddenly only email is available for it even though a live chat box had just been up, but then suddenly taken down and can’t re-connect.
    Also, as I see on another complaint here, they never mention at the start how snail slow their backup service is, in fact it’s an embarrassment. But as soon as they have your bank info, only then do you find out you have just signed up for turtle speed and then must decide whether to pay an extra fee for better speed. There are zillions of cloud services out there, you can do much better than these guys.

  2. Sam Poole says:

    +1 for Zipcloud. They are just scammers, plain and simple. Up-selling constantly, plus the actual backup doesn’t work!

    Total scum.


  3. JS says:

    JDI owns this and many other scam backup services. is a ripoff. I lost over 300 photos after a crash. I was told by them it was my responsibility to check that the files were successfully backed up! They do not tell you if the backup fails. They did not respond when I asked how they proposed I do that. They just sent another excuse form letter. It took 3 days for the restore because of the slow speed and numerous crashes. The file do not get restored to where they were backed up from. Only people who never has to restore ALL their files would think this works. They also have “review” sites that only list their own products as the top 5!

  4. Chaz E says:

    My Experience was also one of bait and switch.
    No clear pricing or need for further “upgrades” was presented until after I had already paid $165+ for a 2 year subscription. And the “Upgrade Need for External Drive” bullcrap did not show up until I started my first backup. I subscribed tonight, and I am cancelling tonight. As the man said avoid doing business with this company — it is a dishonest, money-grubbing, bait-n-switching scam.

  5. frank says:

    Oh my how I wish I’d have seen this thread about 7 or 8 months ago. I’m a ZipCloud subscriber. It has become one of the worst computing experiences I’ve ever had. Customer support treats me like mud (they must be robots or trons). My files are stored in folders that do not correspond to folders on my hard drive – and they keep asking me for screen grabs to prove it – I guess they just don’t believe me or don’t want to deal with the problems on their side..

    And just now I am learning about how the Context Menu extension named MPCBContextMenu.ContextMenu has been slowing my system (the right-click pop-up menu) and driving me crazy.

    Get me out before I lose all sanity I can’t wait to find an alternative.

  6. dan says:

    I’ve got a stupid malware from MyPCBackup that’s slowed down my computer and has been really difficult to remove despite trying malware, adware, etc..

    If this company’s service and product was any good, they wouldn’t need to resort to infecting people’s computers like this. And, they wouldn’t need to try to hide behind multiple shell companies.

    It makes you wonder why anybody would trust a company with such questionable ethics and business practices. I would never trust them to backup my files because with their practices, nothing’s too low for them.

    What’s to prevent them from trying to blackmail users, where they threatened to release any sensitive information unless you kept paying them long after you wanted to quit.

  7. Geoff Akerlund says:

    Thanks for warning people about the JDI Backup line of companies. It’s a shame other sites promote them just for the affiliate payouts.

    All these companies are guilty of upselling as a business model. I confirmed with their support department that data isn’t stored encrypted, it’s only transferred encrypted. They also lie about unlimited storage, as you only get 2GB of cloud storage.

    Don’t sign up for them!

  8. Yiannis says:

    Well I am just going to tell my story in order to help others with their decision. First of all I was using rapidshare and RapidDrive as a cloud backup service and recently they changed their unlimited plan to a 250Gb plan. So I started looking around for alternatives. After searching and reading and because of the high scores that I was seeing for ZipCloud I thought to give them a try. The advertise unlimited space (which is not entirely true). So the first disappointment came when I started an account and then saw that I had to pay for “supercharging” my account to be able to upload more than 1GB file size or to have unlimited space. At the moment I have already paid for a six month period 41 Euro. You see I was pretty sure that I have found the alternative that I was looking for. I was wrong. As Scott suggested above who was using JustCloud (the same company) and he couldn’t restore an edited document, I made the experiment myself and guess what. They failed. I downloaded a doc file with some text. Then made some text changes and sync again. The new updated file seemed to be uploaded OK. BUT when I was trying to restore I was able to restore only the initial backup and not the next versions. In addition whenever I was running an application ESET Nod32 firewall detected communication between the app (which was hooked apparently to some ZipCloud dll) with some mypcbackup server (same company different name again). After using their service for not more than a week I asked a refund and a cancellation. After about 3-4 mails and another week time today 5th April 2013 I managed to cancel my account and get back 26.6 Euro. They are keeping 14.95 as early termination fees. So at the end. I have lost about two weeks of my time and 15 euro. At the moment I am testing another company called CrashPlan and it seems to be doing much better. So from my point of view….stay away from ZipCloud, JustCloud MyPCBackup and any other affiliate company.

  9. Martin says:

    They did the bait and switch on me also. I keep all the items I wanted to back-up on an external drive. Paid for a year and suddenly they wanted more cash. I had 5gb max file size, next thing they wanted me to pay to go over 1gb file size.

    I took a crash plan package in the end which has so far been trouble free and without any issues. I would steer clear of them in future

  10. JW says:

    Just got off the phone with Justcloud. They make it EXTREMELY difficult to cancel. They keep trying to trick you into not canceling, then they finally make you call them. I was asked for information, including my “billing address,” which I don’t believe I ever gave in the first place, so I didn’t give it. I’ll wait and see…

    BTW I cancelled because it wasn’t backing up one computer. I also suspected it did a wonky job on another. Reading the other postings, now I know it wasn’t me.

    • KD says:

      JW…where did you find a phone number for JUSTCLOUD? I cancelled my account with them 4 months ago and still haven’t received the refund they owe me, for continuing to charge me a monthly fee, well after I cancelled my subscription. I have sent multiple emails and contacted them on Facebook. Nothing as been resolved. I have been searching for a phone number to get in touch with someone who works there, but haven’t had any luck. I would love it, if you could share the phone number you have for them, with me.

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