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Why some companies do what they do never ceases to amaze me. The online backup space is pretty crowded as it is but not enough for JDI Backup apparently. They recently just launched another brand along side their already existing brands of MyPCBackup, Just Cloud and Zip Cloud called Backup Genie. I will give them this much, it is a good name, to good maybe.

Perhaps JDI Backup did not know that there is already a backup company called Genie9 that offers a software product called, Genie Backup. Sounds pretty similar and I am sure Genie9 will probably not like the confusion they might get with Backup Genie. I am no lawyer but makes you wonder if they checked around before launching this latest website.


Beside the fact that Backup Genie sounds a lot like the software from Genie9 I do have to wonder what JDI Backup is thinking. They have fours brands all offering essentially the same service, all of them suffering from the same problems. I recently did install MyPCBackup again to see if it got any better and did the following video of the install and pointed out some of the problems with MyPCBackup, all of those problems have been carried over to the other brands.

From what I can tell this is just a way for JDI Backup to get more brands into more review websites and take more of the top 10 spots on those websites. Would not surprise me if those sites all start to list Backup Genie in the top 5 as well. That way JDI Backup will have 4 of the top 5 spots on all of those other review websites.

I will be honest, if you see a review website that is placing any of the JDI Backup brands in the top 10, they are doing it for one reason only, a high affiliate payout. If you want some honest opinions about these services here are some links besides mine that you can read.

I am passionate about helping you backup your computer and keeping your files safe, unfortunately not all the companies that offer online backup feel that way and I want you to understand that there are better companies out there that are passionate about keeping your data safe. Perhaps JDI Backup will start to understand that backing up peoples files is backing up peoples memories and instead of making it more confusing for people by polluting the online backup space with more brands they could focus on actually making a better service, one that will actually do the promises they make on their website.

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