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MyPCBackup Releases New Features
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MyPCBackup Releases New Features

I recently got an email from MyPCBackup letting me know about a whole new set of features that have been or will be released from them shortly. From the email here is the list:

  • New version of both Mac and Windows software
  • Faster Uploads (Up to 15 times faster)
  • Faster Downloads (Up to 10 times faster)
  • File Size limit increased to 5 GB
  • New Control Panel with lots of cool New Features
  • Access files from your mobile or tablet
  • New Locate my Computer feature Included Free
  • New Drag and Drop to application feature
  • Countless app improvements and bug fixes
  • Speed improvements to Amazon s3 interface
  • iPad and iPhone apps available from 14th May

Since they had a whole new set of features to try I downloaded the new client and installed it, and sure enough they have added a few new features like drag and drop to include files in the backup and a locate my computer feature and yes they have raised the maximum file size to 5GB, which is a good start.

Unfortunately, it seems like every time I try their software I find more reasons to dislike it more than the new features. For example the new file size limit, nice to see it move up to 5GB, but they need to make this unlimited. Most people might never even look in the settings of the software, and the default file size is ONLY 2MB! That will not even backup a lot of high resolutions digital photos these days.

The new locate my computer feature appears to be a pretty blantant rip off of the Backblaze feature. Granted there is nothing wrong with borrowing a feature or two from another company, it would be nice if the feature actually worked. I was able to get the general location of my computer but the Show on Map button never worked. Granted it did give me the IP address which would help the police track down the computer from the ISP if my computer was actually stolen.

Want to use MyPCBackup to backup your audio or video collection? Don’t bother, MyPCBackup defaults to excluding MP3,MP4,WMV,MOV,AVI,AAC files from the backup. I am not sure how this escaped me in my initial test of the service, but when I saw this in the settings I was ticked. If I was actually using MyPCBackup to keep my family videos safe I would have been out of luck. Yes you can remove those files types from being excluded and the software should start backing them up many people might never notice this setting and assume that their family videos are being safely backed up and not realize until they are gone. If I can easily miss this setting I am sure others have as well.

Even if you do include your audio and video collection in the MyPCBackup backup they have not done anything about their biggest flaw, the fair use policy. Yes they advertise “unlimited storage” but they don’t really offer it. I just came across this great review of a user that got cut off because of the MyPCBackup fair use policy.

it was determined that I am being cut-off because I have used more than my limit of data storage. It appears to me that MyPcBackup intends to use their Fair Use policy to weasel their way out of providing what they promise. Apparently, my ‚Äúusage greatly exceeds the average level of monthly usage of MPCB’s customers, generally.‚Äù

I encourage you to go and read the entire post, especially the emails from the MyPCBackup support.

In the end, while MyPCBackup continues to try to impress me, at the end of looking at their software and service again I ended up actually lowering the ranking I gave them on their review page. There are many other better services available that make it much easier to backup your data without excluding and limiting what you can actually backup and are upfront with how much data you can actually store.

Want to know more about MyPCBackup? Read our complete MyPCBackup Review for more information such a cost.

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