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Memory Usage Comparison

Using online backup should not get in the way of using your computer for your regular everyday tasks. Ideally it should be able to do its job and let you do yours. While this memory usage table is not computer as I review more services I will add to it, as well if you use a service feel free to use the form below the table to let me know what your memory use is of the many online backup services. As I get more results I will break the table up by service.

I took the screenshots as each service was doing a backup. Granted you probably don’t sit there with the online backup service information open like that but that makes the playing field level. As you can see from the table to far the highest memory use was from CrashPlan on Ubuntu with a whooping 504.9 MB of memory being used. The best is Backblaze only using 4.38 MB of memory on a Windows 7 machine.

Company Peak Working Set Private Working Set OS
Backblaze 17396 K
16.98 MB
4488 K
4.38 MB
Windows 7 Backblaze Memory Usage on Windows 7
Carbonite Business 21913 K
21.4 MB
Windows 8 Carbonite Business on Windows 8
CrashPlan 155108 K
151.47 MB
95320 K
93.09 MB
Windows 7 CrashPlan on Windows 7
CrashPlan 517017 K
504.9 MB
Ubuntu CrashPlan on Ubuntu
Mozy 201620 K
196.89 MB
117208 K
114.46 MB
Windows XP Pro Mozypro on Windows XP Pro
OpenDrive 37884 K
36.99 MB
10404 K
10.16 MB
Windows 7 OpenDrive Windows 7
SugarSync 48537 K
47.4 MB
Windows 8 sugarsync2memory

Want to help create a better listing of memory usage? Submit your own online backup memory usage and so it can be added to the table. Just fill in the form below and attach your screenshot. If you can take a screenshot similar to how the ones above at taken that would be great

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