SafeCopy Backup Plan Upgrades

SafeCopy Backup has made some changes to their backup plans adding an extra 50 gb to their plans. The 150gb plan now has 200gb of space and the 250gb plan has 300gb of space. With SafeCopy Backup you can backup multiple computers with one account. Not only did the plans get larger the price for a one year 300gb plan has dropped from $75.00 to $70.00.


Great time to sign up for SafeCopy Backup!

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2 responses to “SafeCopy Backup Plan Upgrades”

  1. Harding Avatar

    Good plan for Safecopy, keep it.

  2. Diii Avatar

    Splendid.I can’t wait to use my extra space.I love safecopy online backup because of the services they offer.You are better than any other online backup system i have come across.

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