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Transfer Your AVG LiveKive Account to SpiderOak

AVG Livekive shutting down is a huge pain for their existing users and because AVG LiveKive is a rebranded SpiderOak client the only realy option to transfer your files and backup to another service was to download them all and re-upload them to a new service. Thankfully SpiderOak has now come to the rescue ofContinue Reading

AVG LiveKive to be Discontinued

Well looks like AVG has decided to pull the plug on AVG LiveKive. Got the email this morning and I cannot say I am surprised. The email does not give any reasons why they are closing down but considering how competitive cloud backup is I am not surprised. I can understand why anti virus companiesContinue Reading

AVG Safe Backup Bundle Weekend Deal

I noticed in my AVG newsletter today that they are offering a special this weekend on their antivirus and LiveKive software. You get the Free version of AVG Antivirus and save 10% on a one year subscription to 25gb of storage.   I have the free version of AVG installed on a couple of ourContinue Reading

AVG LiveKive Review

AVG has long been known for its anti virus and internet security software. With the launch of AVG LiveKive they have now added online backup to their list of free and paid services. The service currently offers three levels. A 5gb free service, a 25gb package and an unlimited package. There is also a 30 day free trial offer that is different than the 5gb free offering.Continue Reading

AVG LiveKive Announced

The online backup world got a little more crowded today with the official launch of AVG LiveKive. I have been a fan of AVG Antivirus software for awhile so it is an interesting move to move into the online backup, sharing and syncing world. LiveKive is currently available for Windows and Mac computers at packagesContinue Reading