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  • Six Cloud Backup and Storage Services that take Bitcoin

    Six Cloud Backup and Storage Services that take Bitcoin

    If you are looking for cloud backup or storage and prefer to purchase your subscription using Bitcoin you will be out of luck for the majority of the major providers such as Backblaze, CrashPlan and others. SpiderOak had a brief Bitcoin payment test in 2013 and they might be looking at brining it back. There […]

  • Canonical Shutting Down Ubuntu One File Services

    On the Canonical blog today they have announced that Ubuntu One will be closing down. Effective immediately people will no longer be able to purchase more storage or music from the store. Services will be unavailable from June 1, 2014 and all data on the service will be delete after July 31, 2014.   Paid […]

  • Cloud Backup Reseller Programs

    While the majority of the time I focus on home or consumer cloud backup here at Cloud Storage Buzz but there are a number of people that come to the site looking for information on reselling cloud backup. If you are run a business or are thinking of starting a business offering cloud backup there […]

  • 2014 Cloud Backup and Storage Wish List

    2014 Cloud Backup and Storage Wish List

    2014 is almost here and I thought I would share my wish list of what would be nice to see from several of the cloud backup and storage services. Backblaze My wish list for Backblaze might be longer than the other services but it is because I use them regularly and the more you use […]

  • BBB Ratings

    For over 100 years the Better Business Bureaus have been helping people find businesses they can trust. It is not a surprise that many people still turn to the BBB to find out more about companies and their rating. While the BBB FAQ states that their “basic policy is to refrain from recommending or endorsing […]

  • 2013 Black Friday / Cyber Monday Coupons Preview!

    Black Friday is officially Friday, November 29 this year and while it is mainly a US holiday the cloud backup and storage services are not limited to just US customers so this can be a great opportunity to save on a cloud backup or storage solution. These are the companies I have already heard about […]

  • Lifehacker Five Best Online Backup Services

    Lifehacker over the weekend had a Hive Five call for the best online backup service. The top five services that were nominated were: Bitcasa, Backblaze, Carbonite, CrashPlan and SpiderOak. Now that the voting is all done here are the results of the best online backup service according to Lifehacker and their readers. CrashPlan 50.58% (2,038 […]

  • NSA PRISM Responses

    The revelations over the last few days of the extent of the United States National Security Agencies PRISM program might have many people thinking hard about who it is safe to keep your data with in the cloud. Since it appears many services have been named as working with the NSA on data collection including […]

  • Best Cloud Backup for 2013

    I had intended to post this on March 31st to coincide with World Backup Day but other work was a little more important. If you have visited lately you might have noticed that the home page and several other pages actually had the new list but I wanted to highlight some of the changes from […]

  • RapidShare Annouces New Storage Space Limits

    RapidShare Annouces New Storage Space Limits

    RapidShare announced on their website a little while ago that they are offering new storage space limits on all accounts. Previously they offered unlimited storage even for free accounts. They are reducing free accounts to only 5GB and paid accounts offer 250GB or 500GB of cloud storage.   While it is not surprising that a […]