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  • Quiz: How Much Do You Know about File Sharing Programs?

    Quiz: How Much Do You Know about File Sharing Programs?

    Image Via pexels   File sharing programs are a necessity in this day and age. Whether you want to share family photos with your loved ones or collaborate on a document with your teammates at the office, they make your digital life much, much easier. But, not all file sharing programs are created equal. Some […]

  • How Secure Is Google Drive?

    How Secure Is Google Drive?

    How secure is google drive? If you conduct a majority of your work online, you have probably become accustomed to Google Drive. It is an easy-to-use, convenient cloud-based software. You can create regular “Word” style docs on this platform, spreadsheets as smart as those you can create in Excel, share pictures, share documents within your […]

  • Choosing the Best Cloud Storage Service: Dropbox vs Google Drive?

    Choosing the Best Cloud Storage Service: Dropbox vs Google Drive?

    Dropbox and Google Drive are two of the most popular cloud storage. Both of these providers offer tiers of service that range from free basic plans to upgraded options for individual users and enterprises. Dropbox was founded in 2007, and Google added cloud storage to its suite of productivity applications in 2023. If your cloud […]

  • Google Drive Clients

    Google Drive has been gaining in popularity since they dropped prices for storage and I can understand why. Google Drive is easy to use, and competitively priced with Dropbox, integrates with many of Google’s services and is considerable easier to use than Amazon S3. In many ways Google Drive has found a sweet spot with […]

  • How to Use Google Drive as a Dirt Cheap Backup Solution

    When Google Drive dropped the prices for their cloud storage it is has become an excellent option to store your online backup. Google Drive might not be as cheap as using a service such as Amazon Glacier, but it has several advantages over Amazon Glacier that makes it worth looking at. First, Google Drive storage pricing is easy to understand. No complicated formula needed to figure out […]

  • Google Drive Gets A Big Price Drop!

    Google Drive storage just got a huge price cut today from Google and it makes Google Drive one if the best deals for cloud storage. You can now get 100GB of storage for just $1.99/month. The pricing for 1TB of storage is only $9.99/month. The old prices were $4.99/month for 100GB and $49.99/month for 1TB. […]

  • 7 Ways to Backup Your Google Account

    If you have made the switch to using cloud based services like Google Apps for your business or even just for personal use you probably don’t worry about backing up your data as often as you would if it was sitting on your desktop. It can be easy to think that Google will keep your […]

  • Insync Leaves Beta

    Insync Leaves Beta

    If you love Google storage but want a better (yes I did say better) desktop app to sync your data between your desktop and Google Drive, Insync is the application you want. Insync has just left beta and has announced it new pricing structure.   Unlike many services out there Insync is charging a one […]

  • A Week with Google Drive

    Google Drive has been out officially for a week now and I thought I would share a video I took of me installing it on my test Windows XP machine and a few of my opinions on the service so far.   First the video. Nothing to difficult here to install it. Simply go to […]

  • Google Drive is Here!

    Google Drive is Here!

    Well it is official Google Drive has launched. You can read more about it on the official Google blog or if you just want to get started check out I am still getting started testing the service but a few things I can tell you already. Google Apps users are out of luck at […]